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#127646 - 10/22/05 08:16 PM Re: "Satanic" Murder Suspect [Re: Serpens]
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Anton La Vey often said that "the Devil makes good copy." Putting a "satanic" slant on an otherwise run-of-the-mill "loser kid on drugs comits brutal murder" story adds that extra slurp of sensationalism. Ta da! Front page news! Create some "moral panic" while you're at it and those rags selling fast! No wonder the good doktor had such a healthy contempt for "the news." Next story!
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#127647 - 10/22/05 09:35 PM Re: "Satanic" Murder Suspect [Re: DarkWater]
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Boy, I wish I had a buck for every discussion about how misinterpreted Satanism is in the media. It's now getting about as old as Republican and Democrat mud slinging. *yawn*
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#127648 - 10/23/05 01:17 PM Re: An example from a film. [Re: Old_Pig]
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"Transylvania 6-5000" with Jeff Goldblum offered a similar example. Goldblum was employed by a tabloid newspaper in which the very Satanic editor understood the power of words to sell newspapers. He would permit headline "typos" so that a "Rape" factory could be headlined, for example.

"S" words attract attention: "Satan", "Sex", "Save money", etc.

You really only need a few such rubber stamps to sell newspapers!

#127649 - 10/23/05 07:51 PM Re: An example from a film. [Re: Nemo]
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Good example. Fun movie! (anyone see Goldblume's 'Mr. Frost"?).

One would think this Satanic Panic thing would have died out after the 80's graciously expired. But then in '94 a group of uninformed, superstitious, and eager-to-close-the-books lawyers, policemen, and a ridiculous judge sentenced the fellows we know now as the West Memphis Three to (two of them)life imprisonment, and (one) to the death chamber on a very knee-jerk investigation and trial. I keep thinking that this sort of religiosity is in death throes, but then here it comes again.
We'll see what the public does with this one....
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#127650 - 10/24/05 11:41 AM Re: "Satanic" Murder Suspect [Re: DarkWater]
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This is just what I needed... Bet he was reading something much "heavier" than the Satanic Bible. Maybe had something to do with satan-worshipping, which has something to do with human sacrifices, as i recall it (correct me if i am wrong.) Here at Finland, no one is allways pulling Satanist on the line, it is always the Satan-worshipping.
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#127651 - 10/26/05 09:37 PM Christian Killers... [Re: DarkWater]
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What about those who kill in the name of God, I mean you know how often the almighty reaches out and speaks to us. Telling us how we shall smite thee demons back down to the bowels of hell type of thing. Yet when someone kills in the name of the lord he's "insane" like oh I don't know... Charles Manson? Yet, when someone is 'satanic' they are perfectly sane and are just corrupt with the darkness of the darklord.
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