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#129589 - 11/01/05 05:23 AM Herd on wheels
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A friend of mine recently made an interesting observation. He recounted an experience that made him realize that the manifestation of herd mentality can be observed in people's driving habits. Picture it: You're coming to a stop at a red light. the line is long, but then you realize that there is a whole lane that is unoccupied. Why? because everyone is blindly following the car in front of them, not realizing that, if they bothered to look, they could become the leader of the pack, instead of the herd on wheels. I thought it was funny and laughed, at the same time thinking back to see if I had been this blind follower. I certainly had been, but I didn't admit to it! It may be a silly thought, but I thought I'd share it with you.

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#129590 - 11/01/05 12:07 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: HellofallHells]
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Funny, every time there was an empty lane here its the turning lane.

#129591 - 11/01/05 12:23 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: HellofallHells]
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Maybe they want to stay in the lane for a reason. Nevertheless, simple idiocy is abundant on the road:

People who at a red light, will release their brake pedal every 5 seconds or so, lurch forward about 6 inches, then brake again. Its difficult to tell whether they are too stupid to close the gap between them and the car in front of them to the minimum acceptable distance in one pass, or if they are so impatient that they feel like if they can just push forward 6 more inches it will get them there faster.

People who, before changing lanes on the highway to make a pass, will pull to within an inch of your rear bumper, just to show you how badly they really hate the fact that you refuse to drive more than 10 mph over the speed limit.

People driving chop-shop street racers who pull up to compact coupes with no modifications, rev their engines and edge to the line at stop light in an effort to start a street race with said economy compact. Is their vehicle so shitty that they must race against cars that barely produce 100 hp?

Anyone who does anything of the nature of driving 30 mph over the speed limit for a 5 minute trip, swinging into the shoulder to pass someone on the interstate, takes turns at double the recommended speed, and makes passes on two-lane undivided highways when oncoming traffic is less than 100 yards away. If you did the math, their maneuver saved them less than 1 minute on the whole trip, often less than 5 seconds. Sometimes in fact, despite their "clever" driving they will wind up right beside you again at the next stop light because its impossible to go any faster than the lights will allow. Is it worth risking your life to get to Wal-Mart 2 seconds sooner?

When driving, I take it easy. I get where I'm going just as soon as I need to, and I'll probably live longer from not stressing out over something as foolish as simian dominance games on the road.
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#129592 - 11/01/05 12:24 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: HellofallHells]
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. . . everyone is blindly following the car in front of them, not realizing that, if they bothered to look, they could become the leader of the pack, instead of the herd on wheels.

That is an observation I make often. The "herd" lane can sometimes have 15 or 20 cars while the other lane has only a couple or none at all.

For a long time, I zipped from one lane to the next, trying to take advantage of this stupifying pattern. But over the past couple years, I've learned to take it more slowly. I sometimes knowingly stay in the "herd" lane. It is an exercise in patience. It also gives me a prolonged stage upon which to belt out my favorite tunes.

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#129593 - 11/01/05 12:39 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: DarkWater]
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I agree, LeviathanXIII. Agressive drivers always seem to have this sense of superiority. "Get outa my way, I'm in a hurry, which makes me a better driver than you!"

Turning right on red is a reletively new development where I live, and it's supposed to be on a voluntary basis. Well you'd better volunteer to GO, or else you'll get honked to death!
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#129594 - 11/01/05 01:42 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: DarkWater]
Max Rose Offline

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It also gives me a prolonged stage upon which to belt out my favorite tunes.

So you see, it's not the herd lane at all, but in reality the fast track to a rewarding career as a professional singer. Keep practicing and you too may star in your very own musical!

#129595 - 11/01/05 05:06 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: HellofallHells]
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I've even had some geniuses honk at me AT A RED LIGHT, when there was a car in front of me.
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#129596 - 11/01/05 05:47 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: HellofallHells]
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The absolute worst in people comes out when you stick them behind a wheel. Forget the haunted house or the chamber of horrors. The most frightening place in America is the highway system on a Friday night.

#129597 - 11/01/05 06:38 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: HellofallHells]
Maya Offline
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Bad drivers are a constant annoyance of mine as well. I can remember when I first got my learner's permit, how it occurred to me that even in all my inexperience I was a safer driver than many of those who already had their licenses. It simply amazes me how many licensed drivers either refuse or forget to use their signal when changing lanes, something that has nearly caused an accident more than once for me.
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#129598 - 11/02/05 03:08 AM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: HellofallHells]
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I've actually gotten to the point where I don't care to drive...I drive only when I must for work, and if there are no other options for transportation among long distances.

I will join a friend in their vehicle and pay them gas to go somewhere; or if we are going to the same place. I will car-pool like crazy without being the driver; because I just can't stand to drive.

I think I'm going to have to become very wealthy to the point where I can afford a driver, because I rather enjoy being driven around

I don't have to stress the traffic or idiots, I can enjoy the music in the vehicle, and the scenery of the trip to our destination.

With gas prices what they are friends don't mind recieving a few extra bucks to haul me to where we're all going anyway; and I don't mind not having to be behind the wheel. I'm patient so long as I arrive on time.
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#129599 - 11/02/05 04:57 AM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: HellofallHells]
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I have not noticed the driving behavior you have mentioned. Most other drivers tend to maneuver as if they are in a contest to see who can get their fat, lazy asses to Wal Mart first.

As for me: I drive as if I were the only vehicle on the road.

That is just my frame of mind - I know they are there, but I avoid any "interaction" with other drivers.

Let the herd swerve from lane to lane trying to get ahead of one other car.

Let the herd floor it through a yellow light as if Burger King is closing early.

Let them honk at me when I don't turn right on red!

I make it a priority not to have to rush anywhere and it shows in my driving.

My riding habits as a motorcyclist continue even if I am on four wheels.

The herd may rush forward to death.

I am in no hurry for that. Ever.
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#129600 - 11/02/05 01:02 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: Leo_V]
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Unfortunately, due to my location, I have no other choice but to drive wherever I go. So I opted for the "economical" approach. I drive a small 150cc scooter that allows me to reach my destination quickly and quietly. (and efficiently might I add 65 mpg)

I have to be extra cautious due to the size of the scooter and the fact that I am fairly exposed during my travels. There have been several times when I could have easily been crushed had I not been paying the utmost attention to my surroundings. And not blinking helps.

Most people who have never ridden on/driven a 2 wheeled vehicle forget that we are even on the road and don't look carefully enough before swerving into your lane to get around the person ahead of them already going 70 in a 55. It is frustrating and aggravating, but mostly it makes me nervous to be on the road with them.
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#129601 - 11/02/05 05:54 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: Tex_Talionis]
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I think I'm going to have to become very wealthy to the point where I can afford a driver, because I rather enjoy being driven around.

May I join you in your limo?
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#129602 - 11/02/05 06:09 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: HellofallHells]
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You can put the nicest and sweetest person behind the wheel and he will become the most vile and impatience bastard.

I work with traffic three days out of the week and all I see are morons doing moronic things. Of course I seem to not notice the good drivers.

I had a lady, not too long ago, that stopped over the limit line. I held up my hand to stop her before she did. When she came to a stop a whole car length after the limit line, I went to her window and politely asked if she could back up a little (no car was behind her). She exploded and started to scream about how she knows how to drive. I replied that the limit line is for safety and there might be pedestrians who need to cross. She yelled, "There is no one f*ing here!"

I detest bad drivers, especially drivers who blame and condemn other drivers for their own reckless driving. I see it all the time. It is never their fault, and it is always everyone else’s fault.
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#129603 - 11/02/05 06:25 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: Leo_V]
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I think I've hit a nerve!
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