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#129649 - 03/04/06 07:56 AM Finding the way [Re: HellofallHells]
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I think trying to avoid dense traffic is better than trying to find the fastest line. It is less risky and you have the advantage to share less time with the heard.

If one has no choice, then I think it is better to keep a safe distance than anything else. There is so little time to gain by playing the snake, just a serie of risky and stupid maneuvers.

#129650 - 03/04/06 01:56 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: Focalor]
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I guess my neck of the woods is an exception. Man I wish I lived in your city. Around Atlanta everyone drives like a fucking lunatic. If there's a lane with about 2 car lengths of open space, you can bet some asshole is going to race around some other asshole to get there so they'll get where they're going a fraction of a second sooner. When people get on the expressway in the morning where it's only two lanes, they immediately cut their way into the left hand lane, even if there's only about 2 inches of breathing room on their front and rear bumpers. I explicitly remember from the booklet they give you at the DMVS that you're supposed to be no less than 3 seconds behind the jackass in front of you to help prevent a rear end collision. It always grinds to a halt at the same location every single damn day, but that doesn't matter, people are still doing 80 and skidding onto the median throwing up grass and mud to keep from hitting the guy in front of them. Where have all the good sheep gone? Pick one fucking lane and stay there, you BMW driving oblivious prick!

Welcome to Atlanta where the tailgaters play, and we ride on them asses like everyday.

I must be in the same neck of the woods then. That is why here in Virginia we have 10-60 car pile ups on a regular basis! Especially on the mountain highways where it can get foggy suddenly. Oh, and it isn't just the BMW's skimming the lanes, I see soccer moms flying down the highway trying to get their offspring to the next game/event/class on time, as though their lives depended on it.

Hail Satan!
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#129651 - 03/06/06 12:08 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: HellofallHells]
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Wow, old threads will rise again!

I figured it would be fun to go a'gravediggin' for a few.


By "leader of the pack", I just meant to be first in line. No metaphorical leading of morons.

If you're the fist in line, then you are leading something. Otherwise, it wouldn't be called "first in line." It would just be called "Some dude standing by himself." They will follow you. They probably are following you right now. Paranoid yet?

#129652 - 03/06/06 06:00 PM Re: Herd on wheels [Re: dragondancer]
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Especially on the mountain highways where it can get foggy suddenly

Oh hell yeah. Up in the north Georgia mountains it's actually worse when there is NO fog. You hear stories all the time about people on crotch rockets thinking they can negotiate the turns at 60 mph. Nope, it don't work. Gravity is a bitch. My dad got stupid several years ago on his old Kawasaki Concourse and flung himself down a mountain. He had to ride all the way home with a broken collar bone and bent handlebars. People on 4 wheels aren't much better. I travel up to Highlands North Carolina to work every so often, but you'd think it's England the way every other car crosses the center line.


I see soccer moms flying down the highway trying to get their offspring to the next game/event/class on time, as though their lives depended on it.

I can't blame 'em. I'd want those little bastards out of my hair as soon as possible too.

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