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#130359 - 11/04/05 04:19 PM Flawed or failed? what happend from our perspective?
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After scrounging for as much information on CoS as I possibly could, I got the feeling that when it happened, when Lavey “stepped into the light” the world saw it as a possible revolution. Some of the “high ranked” people aswell as commoners agreed with his vision, surely soon the flock would follow. In the end it didn’t, be it due to CoS requirements, lack of interest or whatnot, every man not siding with Satanism must have seen this as a sign of weakness, a mass flaw. Of course every decent Satanist with only the limited information I have can give a dose of viable arguments to un-strengthen this, and 12 doses more of words kissing peoples ears with no truth. But in the end the opposition and the spectators must have seen this as a “Failed attempt”, Anthon Lavey has not left a mark on this world huge enough to reach. This could be blamed on not speaking of it in an attempt to go away, but it to have seemingly softened from a howl of madness or logic (depending what you thought of Lavey’s vision) to a soft murmur in the dark…

In a phase where I was still new to Satanism, I once lost my temper and said something I shouldn’t (I got “burned” to quote Nemo). My teacher denied the existence of any real Satanism religion, I lost my temper due to some factors which I won’t go into, but I realised: What if she continues this conversation (which she didn’t)? What will I say to prove CoS is real, what will I say to prove my point (which at the time was very important to me)? The fact is that you don’t have rock solid prove to bring in as a Satanist, nothing to prove the worth of your existence. I have started asking teachers about Lavey, simply asking: “have you ever heard of a man called Lavey?” not going into the subject any further. So far I asked 2 teachers, 1 being a fanatical history teacher, both shrugged and asked if he was french…

Ofcourse this matters nothing on its own, but how can a man making the foundation for what most Satanists live on, a man you can call your superior without ever doubting him to be (that is my perception of course), have left such a small mark on the world? Please don’t take this as why aren’t we accepted, instead, please try to explain to me if Lavey’s “revolution” failed, or succeeded in a black light I haven’t seen.

I apologise for posting before officially getting the ok in the introduction’s thread, but this is something I want to know quite badly.

Hail Satan!
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#130360 - 11/04/05 06:15 PM Re: Flawed or failed? what happend from our perspective? [Re: Providence]
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"The Devil's best trick was convincing the world that he didn't exist."

Does it really matter what the general public thinks or knows of Anton LaVey or the Church of Satan?
Hail Satan!

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#130361 - 11/04/05 06:27 PM Re: Flawed or failed? what happend from our perspective? [Re: Providence]
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Lots of interesting things go on that most people don't know about. Does that mean they never happened?

I think you misunderstand the aims of the Church of Satan. The CoS educates others about Satanism, and Satanists often influence the thinking of those who are not Satanists, but that doesn't mean the entire world was intended to join the CoS. We can barely tolerate 75% of the people interested in Satanism now--because they're just not Satanists.

Does the way in which others perceive Satanism affect how you perceive it? If so, you're in the wrong place.

One final thought:

You're in THE NETHERLANDS. Anton LaVey was AMERICAN.

I can't name 15 famous people from the Netherlands without doing some research. No politicians. No celebrities. Maybe a few painters.

Why on Earth would your teacher know about Anton LaVey?

I guarantee that the average teacher in the US knows absolutely nothing about the Netherlands, let alone about someone who started a comparatively small, controversial religious movement there.

The world is small, but not that small.

#130362 - 11/04/05 10:14 PM Successful. [Re: Providence]
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Compare the world of 1966 to today's world.

Something happened that has been profound and far reaching in its impact.

The puppet master is usually invisible to the audience.

By the way, the change has not stopped.

This is the Age of Satan.

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