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#132485 - 02/01/06 01:57 AM Re: Just sent my application! [Re: M. Legendre]
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Congratulations, Darrell.

Best wishes on making the best of your commitment!


#132486 - 02/01/06 05:24 AM Re: And? [Re: IX Von ZehEhv]
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Interesting thread.

To me personally sending off my application represented the point at which I had decided not only was I a Satanist, but that I wanted to throw in my lot with an organisation that was going somewhere, and was championing the cause of the Alien Elite.

When I received my Crimson Card I felt elated, and it made it all seem more 'real' somehow. Reading Magus Gilmore's introduction that came with the 'welcome pack' kind of brought things into a sharper focus and made me feel proud to be a CoS member.

So for me deciding to join and receiving the Card evoked quite different experiences, both equally valid and important in their own way.

This would no doubt be different for others, but that would not make their experiences any less valid!

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#132487 - 02/01/06 10:00 PM Re: Just sent my application! [Re: M. Legendre]
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Darrell, you have taken an important step in YOUR life, congratulations!

Now, if I may throw in my two cents into this debate as to whether this fine gentleman's announcement deserves "congratulations":

I can understand the viewpoint that filling out a form and transferring funds in-and-of-itself can be a rather mundane task and is nothing special. However, (In my opinion) this is not really what Darell is announcing.

The way I see it, this fine gentlemen is announcing that HE GETS IT, that he is not only taking the Devil's name, but GIVING HIM HIS DUE. He is saying that he is committed to the tenants of Satanism.

Mr. Darrell did NOT just fill out a form. He made a conscious decision to commit to a set of values and gave a token offering proclaiming such.

Once again, congratulations Darrell, I will see you "downstairs" shortly - thought it may seem like an eternity to you

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Hail Satan!

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#132488 - 02/06/06 05:40 PM Re: And? [Re: DarkWater]
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Well, having a pat on the back from other members of the CoS would mean something to me. I like a pat on the back from respected Satanists. Whats wrong with that. After all, they dont give you a pat on the back unless you deserve it anyway, so that just makes it more special.



Why do people seem to have to anounce they've decided to join the CoS?

The reasons people join the CoS are as various as the persons submitting the applications. This is also true for why one would announce the decision here, though there are some commonalities that those who make the announcement share. But before getting to them, I must address your conception about the CoS application and fee.


"I've filled in the form and sent off my money."
Well done! I've just renewed my subscription to the New Scientist. This involved filling in a form, and, yes you've guessed it, sending some money!

Do you believe this is an apt example, comparing a magazine subscription to CoS membership, or were you intentionally distorting the case to make your point? I suspect you believe the former, since you are not a CoS member. If I viewed membership as you do, I too would have little interest in the CoS.

Of course, I understand matters differently. As I wrote elsewhere, joining the CoS was foremost an act of personal fidelity with who and what I have been and forever will be. Most members would likely say something similar.


Simply filling in a form and paying the money does not a Satanist make.

Of course not. But, again, the Satanist is not merely “filling in a form and paying the money” when he or she aligns with the CoS.

You question Darrell:


Are you seeking approval? An open armed welcome to the fold? I just don't get it!

Those would be fair questions if he even hinted that this was his motive in casting his lot with the organization that best represents his interests.

But this is all that Darrell said:


I just wanted to share that I just sent off my application for membership and paid my fee via paypal!

If his words betray a person seeking approval from us, or if they show someone wishing for a group hug, please tell me how you see this.

Darrell is free to speak for himself, but I suspect that he made this announcement because he feels good about his decision and believed that his announcement would be understood and appreciated by those who have made the same decision and felt as he does now.

If this is the case, Darrell is right in his conclusion, the only caveat being that some people here will here not understand his motives.

I mean no disrespect to you, Euphoria, but I would not be surprised if you still don’t get it. But I am glad that Darrell does.

Congratulations, sir.

Hail Satan!


An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. My personal web page--->

#132489 - 02/06/06 05:55 PM Re: Just sent my application! [Re: Titania]
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Why? Has he been accepted automatically as a Active Member as opposed to a regular, vanilla, anyonecanjoin Registered Member? Heck, if it is a Active Member, congrats indeed! Regular registered member, what's the amazing deal? Professor or Pleb, anyone can send the funds. This is looking at it in an entirely pragmatic, balanced and equal manner.

Hey man, cut the guy some slack. One must crawl before one can walk. He has taken the first step, which for most is the hardest. I say haza and congrats! Hail Satan!
Ave Satanas. Let those who are ignorant burn for it.

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