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#13252 - 05/10/05 08:09 AM Re: Destroying an enemy [Re: bianca]
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I agree Bianca.....

Being too thin skinned and *creating* enemies is counterproductive. There are much better uses for energy-like improving your lot in life. If one becomes obsessed over every small slight,you begin a downward,self consuming spiral that will ultimately not serve your own best interests.

People will sometimes do stupid things which annoy me-I write it off to them being human. I don't forgive it,but I also refuse to waste time on it. Someone would need to become a credible and ongoing threat to my game plan and happiness to cause me to wish to take them out.

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#13253 - 05/10/05 02:08 PM Re: Destroying an enemy [Re: bianca]
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Well as they; say you can't make omelet whitout making masses of enemies.

Of course, always:
I can't plan how answer question in test night before it
I can't know how you enemy will respond my attack, if I don't know your enemy
I can't say person to be my enemy, if I don't know him

There is always knowledge and presentiment, and those can be used, but there is also luck that can't be controlled. So, plan how to use knowledge and presentiment, and conform to the luck(also contain error analyses). When its time to act, don't hesitate(It's easy to say).

and about destroying enemy:
I haven't have enemy that is worth of my time, but if I have change, I can waste few minutes to make my point clear. But if I have good reason to destroy someone, I will do it.
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#13254 - 05/10/05 09:57 PM Re: Destroying an enemy [Re: Old_Pig]
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I would definitely go with Revenge Plan# 2, however, I don't think either one is more Satanic. It's just that I am evil and revel in my enemies' destruction. Accidents, broken bones, financial loss, loss of freedom and/or mobility, etc.. I celebrate these "coincidences" and "unfortunate strings of events" that afflict the individuals that I've cursed. Why not? These are the very people who try to make my life miserable. If they are busy getting blasted by a Magic Missile and/or its related fallout, or dealing with events set in motion by Lesser Magic, then they don't have time to bother and harrass me.

Most people who are dumb enough to fuck with a Satanist are not smart enough to know when to stop.

Hail Me! Hail Satan!
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#13255 - 05/10/05 10:23 PM Re: Destroying an enemy [Re: Old_Pig]
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Both are equally Satanic in the sense that you get your revenge and succeed in getting this person to stop bothering you. The second option however seems like overkill. Why should you ruin a person's life permanently when he has only inconvenienced you temporarily?

#13256 - 05/10/05 10:44 PM Re: Destroying an enemy [Re: crass]
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Why should you ruin a person's life permanently when he has only inconvenienced you temporarily?

To ensure he won't cause inconvenience again.
You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.
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