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#135557 - 12/07/05 09:13 AM False Priest...?
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Alright, here's my situation. I am on another very popular forum, which allows for religious debate from any and all religions, separate forums for people to troll their little hearts out, gaming, movie, and music discussion... etc. On this forum, you can make "guilds," based on a certain interest. I belong to one for Satanists, and recently a new member was allowed into this guild. His username has the prefix "reverend" in it, and his very first post was bragging that he was a priest.

I did my research and at the very least concluded that to become a priest, you must have a very active membership in the CoS, and you must be a deep thinker, able to spread noteworthy messages and other... significant things. I didn't look too much into it really, because right away, this "reverend" failed to meet those criteria.

There is a function on these forums that allows users to have their own personal journals, with the option of making them available to the public. His was, so I decided to dig around a little. He claims to teach deep philosophical things in this journal, but every entry he made was a one-liner statement which could be concluded by anyone who has simply read the 9 Satanic Statements alone. I was also able to look at his posts around the forums, and I found he is only harassing Christian guilds and role playing in "demonic" RPGs.

Being inherently critical, I asked him for proof of his position. He told me that he was given a certificate and that he would scan it, but he never did. Again, I am a critical person, and automatically, I thought of the possibility that he could PhotoShop something up, print it out, and scan it.

I wasn't sure if the CoS ceased giving higher-ups medallions or not, so I'm not sure if he could use that as proof or not. He just... doesn't seem like a smart guy, and I find a lot of what he "teaches" very base. I doubt the credibility of this guy's claims, and I would rather prove him false and have him kicked out of the guild to spare it any embarrassment he might bring upon our forum group.

In a nutshell, what I'm asking is:

-Is there a way to prove/disprove this guy's claim as a Priest?
-Would you consider it foolish of me to doubt him? (I mean... he even spells simple words ridiculously wrong... Like "beleaf." Not a smart guy...)

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I would simply suggest that you hang out in a more discerning forum like this one. Also, if this guy provides you with so called proof, you could always send it to an administrator here to tell you if it is genuine however I highly doubt that a member of our Priesthood is slumming around harrassing individuals in an all faiths messageboard. As a matter of fact, that's a fact.

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