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#135690 - 12/08/05 07:22 AM Playground justice
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I'd like to relate to you a story about my daughter, and a bully at her school.
My daughter is nine years old and very sharp and bright! (I'm slightly bias, but hey, she takes after her Dad!) She was having problems with a bully, who was making her life, and those of her friends a misery. The teachers seemed unable or unwilling to do anything about it! She came to me to ask advice on how to handle this little thug. She asked if her giving this lad a good kicking would help? To which I replied that it might, but it would get her into trouble at school, which is never really a good plan, and also he’s quite a big kid, and she might come off worse. Which she agreed would probably happen! I explained that most bullies are just sad empty people, who bully to make themselves look big and to cover up their inadequacies, and to beat them, you just had to show that:
A/ you’re not afraid of them.
B/ You’re smarter and better than them.
It worked for me at school. She thought about this for a minute or two, and then with a serious look on her face, went back to playing with her cat.
A few days later, I got a call from the school. My daughter had been involved in a fight, and could I come in to see her teacher. This is what had happened.
The bully had come up to her, and was teasing and picking on her. An argument followed, in which my daughter was telling him that he was stupid.
“No I’m not!” He yelled.
“Ok, prove it!”
“How?” He asked.
“Right, think of a number.”
“Add 10 to it.”
“Multiply it by two.”
“Now take away the number you first thought of.”
“Now close your eyes.”
Which he did, at which point my daughter punched him hard, and square in the face!!!

He was obviously completely shown up in front of his little posse of followers, and has since left my daughter, and come to that, everyone else alone.
Her teacher was quite cross, and my daughter did get into trouble. As her father, I was incredibly proud!
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#135691 - 12/08/05 10:00 AM Re: Playground justice [Re: Euphoria]
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This story made me smile. Thank you for sharing.

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That's a great story! Hail your daughter!
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#135693 - 12/08/05 11:15 AM Re: Playground justice [Re: Euphoria]
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That's fantastic. I laughed out loud!
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#135694 - 12/08/05 05:15 PM Re: Playground justice [Re: Euphoria]
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I laughed as well; you can't help but be proud; she DID use her head!

Alright, and her fist
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#135695 - 12/08/05 07:27 PM Re: Playground justice [Re: Euphoria]
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Hails to your daughter!

Not that I endorse this kind of action, but I think the trouble she got in was well worth getting a shot in on that ingnorant little cretin!

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Wow, that certainly takes me back to gradeschool. Never did anything quite like that myself, but I did learn and pull a few tricks as well.

I think what she did was about as perfect as could be in the situation. She managed to simultanously prove that she was smarter than the guy and give him some physical pain and humiliation (something that seems to be one of the few things that ever has a lasting impact at that age). Just dirty enough to let the others know she could play the game as well, without falling into the catagory of "too much".

Someone should tuck a copy of Ender's Game into a future gift for her.
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#135697 - 12/11/05 10:51 AM Re: Playground justice [Re: Euphoria]
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It’s great that she stood up for herself! Once a bully knows that they can’t mess with YOU any more, they’ll go find someone else to pick on.

This reminds me of when I was a kid. I was bullied from around fifth grade through my junior year of high school, but then I really kicked ass when I was a senior. When I was a senior, I finally had my first boyfriend and first kiss, since I made everyone stop being such assholes to me.

The thing that made people stop picking on me was when I started to realize that I am in control of myself. I stopped letting people bother me, and I found many things to get excited about. I decided to get a positive attitude and shun every asshole, and that REALLY worked. They knew I was not bully material any more. There would have been too many people to beat up. Hail Greater Magic!

#135698 - 12/12/05 08:58 AM Re: Playground justice [Re: Euphoria]
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My little brother has been having the same problem in school. Another kid has been picking on him for whatever reason (kids never fail to find something), and my brother didn't want to fight back. There are two reasons for this. One is that this other kid's parents are dead, and my brother felt sorry for him. The other reason is that my brother is the biggest kid in his class (probably in the whole school. He's only 9 and he weighs almost two hundred pounds. He's taller than any of the other kids), and he didn't want to really hurt the kid. I told him that just because this kid's parents are dead, that doesn't give him the right to be a jerk. I also told him that a kid that has the guts to pick on the biggest kid in school is asking to get hurt. He asked his dad what he should do (my step-father), and he said, "Just ignore him." So a few weeks went by of my bro ignoring this kid, and the kid wouldn't let up. He went back to my step dad and asked him what he should do now. My step dad said, "Well, he's been warned. You've been nothing but a gentleman. Tell you what, if he even touches you, I give you permission to knock him out. I'll call the school and tell them if they don't do anything about this, you're going to sock him one. AND A GOOD ONE." My mother said the same thing. She always said when I was growing up "If someone hits you, you hit them back ten times harder."
My brother is the gentle giant for real. He's always very well behaved (aside from some few and far between temper tantrums). It's really hard to piss the little guy off, so I think that if he does beat this kid up, he deserves it. I like what your daughter did in this situation. Pretty smart. It's too bad she got into trouble at school. That other kid was begging to be beaten, and she obliged. Nothing wrong with that. I'm wondering where the breaking point will be with my brother. I've taught him what little I know about martial arts so he can defend himself, so he's ready for this, but he's so big that he's a little afraid that he's going to send this kid to the hospital.
It's not easy to guide a kid in the right direction sometimes. I hope I've done the right thing. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

#135699 - 12/12/05 09:53 AM Re: Playground justice [Re: crackergirl]
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my brother is the biggest kid in his class (probably in the whole school. He's only 9 and he weighs almost two hundred pounds. He's taller than any of the other kids), and he didn't want to really hurt the kid.

In this case hitting back might not be the best option because it does break school rules. If your brother really has the physical advantage, then how about just picking the other kid up and refusing to put him down for a while. The more he complains, the more your brother calls him a baby. Or sit on him & when he complains ask people nearby, "Did you hear something?"

The less violent the activity, the more likely a teacher won't get involved. If a teacher doesn't get involved, your brother can carry on until he gets bored with it. The longer it carries on, the less likely that kid will go near your brother in the future.

#135700 - 12/12/05 10:40 AM Re: Playground justice [Re: Mead_Honeywine]
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Thanks for the advice. I love that little guy (little, hell, he's only an inch shorter than me), and I don't want him to get into any trouble. His father is one of those corn fed junkyard law country boys, so he's more inclined to tell him to "Knock the kid out." I'm still split on this issue, but I'll keep your advice in mind.

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Wonderously cunning, congratulations to your daughter for coming up with such a plan!
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When I was that age I had all ready been through radiation and chemotherapy on two seperate occasions. Even though I am a male I was much smaller and being bald I was the center of much ridicule. Your daughters reactions are reminiscent of my own. Most kids will cower and get picked on. But some of us are born with sharper teeth and less wool. You should be very proud of your daughter.
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Congrats. Weird I never got picked on as kid but in high school the joks were all over my ass. But one day while walking home from school at the age of 16 a bully punnched me in the square of my back, right in front of my dad. Well those psycho thought kicked in when my dad yelled "Kick his ass!" I turned around, grabed this kid and with my teeth tore a hunk out of his forehead and ate it. I still remember the look of horror on my dads face as these jocks went running down the street. I turned, looked at my dad, grinned as I wiped the blood from my mouth, and calmly went into the house to get ready for work. The cops were called, the whole thing was hushed up, and for the rest of the year as well as my senior year nary a jock tormented me.

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I am a lover of Bill Watterson's "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoons. They are steeped in humour from many sources in western philosophy. In one particular strip, Calvin is being picked on by the big ugly meat-head school bully, Moe.

Moe: Hey, twinky, gimme a quarter!
Calvin: Your simian countenance suggests a heritage unusually rich in species diversity.
Moe: What?
Calvin: Here you go.
*Hands over a quarter. Moe leaves*
Calvin: That was worth 25 cents.


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