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#139463 - 01/26/06 01:44 PM Re: Lesser Magic - The Dale Carnegie way [Re: nemesis]
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Yup! Lesser magic can also be considered in stage magic or conjuring, which is alot of fun expecially if you combine it with mind reading and psychology. Then you can manipulate someone while they think you have supernatural power over them.

Of course, this is always considered immoral by the "skeptics" against the paranormal, who are usually magicians.

Another difference between Atheists and Satanists.
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#139464 - 02/24/06 03:58 PM Re: Lesser Magic - The Dale Carnegie way [Re: IX Von ZehEhv]
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I think this is a great book and the techniques are simple and work. There are even classes given by the Dale Carnegie foundation. Many of the most potent books of lesser magic are not to be found in the new age/occult section. Resourcefulness and trying new things critically will identify their usefulness. HS!

#139465 - 03/01/06 06:27 PM Not For Me... [Re: IX Von ZehEhv]
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I have been checking into some of Dale Carnegie' stuff.
Personally I don't get it.
The man is speaking about prayer, and Jesus references.
I cant read about weakness, unhappiness, and then promote it all in the name of lesser magic.
This is my opinion alone and if you don't like it I understand. Here is a link that proves my hypothesis.

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#139466 - 03/01/06 07:02 PM Re: Not For Me... [Re: Lust]
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I have not read Dale Carnegie's How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. So I cannot fully comment on it nor do I trust a website to give a summary of the book accurately.

The only way to truly know what the book is about is to read it.

However, his book How to Win Friends & Influence People is a great read with many useful suggestions. It has somethings that I disagree with personally in terms of sincerity. But the truth be told, if you apply them they work and work well.
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#139467 - 03/01/06 11:05 PM Re: Not For Me... [Re: Lust]
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I have not read that item, so also cannot comment on the religious references. I can, however, say that the original item being discussed does contain good material. It's also cheap.
"Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it." - Author unknown

#139468 - 03/20/06 04:49 PM Re: Lesser Magic - The Dale Carnegie way [Re: IX Von ZehEhv]
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Ah, forgive me for making this post without first introducing myself in the required section first. I will do that immediately after this post.

I, for one, am quite into personal developement as I feel that is the purpose of one's religion despite the fact you don't need it to ... Undergo... However, yes, Dale Carnegie speaks of prayers and Jesus, but let's just say his vehicle of personal developement differs from ours and... I don't know... Disregard it?

I agree, the art of human relations IS the art of lesser magic, an one who has mastered it's principles is therefore a master of lesser magic.

Might I add I'm very glad I'm not the only one who has thought of this.

#139469 - 03/20/06 06:18 PM Re: Lesser Magic - The Dale Carnegie way [Re: IX Von ZehEhv]
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I read How the Win Friends and Influence People as a child. The book is brilliant in its simplicity and pragmatic approach. It is classic Lesser Magic.

When my oldest daugher turned eleven I gave her a copy of this book, as well as The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense and More on the Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense.

When she reached the age where peer acceptance and pressure became a significant factor in behavior and identity, I showed her that she could influence, as well as be influenced by, those around her.

Andrew Dale Carnegie's book doesn't neccessarily unveil new secrets of interpersonal manipulation. It does, however, codify and enumerate simple practices that make people easier to sway and deal with. This is still, I believe, on the required reading short list for any serious salesman.

I'm holding a copy of The Compleat Witch for when she leaves for college.

Hail Satan!
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#139470 - 03/22/06 06:48 PM Re: Lesser Magic - The Dale Carnegie way [Re: pitzi_83]
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Dale Carnegie should be well-read. His book, "How to Win Friends and Gain Influence" is/was (?) on the CoS Grotto Master list. Much like fellow Christians such as Norman Vincent Peale, Mormon Stephen Covey, or others in that line of work, there is some separation of wheat from the chaff. How easy those changes are to impliment is questionable.

For Satanists who are big fans of not burdening themselves with other people's problems, the advice can be hard to follow. Most of it revolves around getting to know people, (networking), and getting them to like you. Which generally means listening to them complain for extended periods. Of course, some people find this an incredibly Satanic adventure, because this gives the low-down on who is doing what and with whom. Anyone who has worked for a company knows this information can be priceless. So pick your battles wisely.

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