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#139561 - 01/07/06 05:09 PM About the Keys and the Names.
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During my study, I came to a few problems:

1. The Ritual, as described in TSB, has 13 clear steps.
The 12-th step is reading the appropriate Enochian Key.
How should one choose the appropriate one? Till now, I just read the english content and then decided what suites better to my thoughts.

2. Step 5: "Invocation to Satan" and "Infernal Names". But:

"When calling the names, all of them may be recited, or a given number of those most significant to the respective working may be chosen."

How choses one the Names? Perhaps I should study all the Names as concerns their mythical content, in order that they become significant to me? Here I have no idea.

3. I listened a Black Mass performed by LaVey (on CD). And there, he inverted some steps in the Ritual, for instance he recites the 14-th Key before the "Destruction Conjuration". Or he recites the english version of the 7-th Key before again the Lust Ritual.
Is the use of the Keys free?

I have many questions... Is there some sort of a study group in Stuttgart?

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*sigh* This topic was moved from General Satanism after I replied.
I understand am not allowed to answer questions addressing the Church of Satan.
My appologies.


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1. Here:


Suggested Enochian Keys
for Various Rituals and Ceremonies

Anton Szandor LaVey

from The Cloven Hoof, June V AS (1970 c.e.)

Vengeance & Destruction: Keys 12, 14, 17
Lust & Weddings: Keys 2, 7, 13
Funerals: Key 11
Compassion: Keys 16, 18,
Power: Keys 1, 3, 8
Traditional Black Mass: Keys 5, 15
Pride & Rejoicing: Key 18

2. Whatever is appropriate. The mythology behind the names will make it apparant that some are more appropriate for one type of ritual, some for another, some are appropriate for any type of ritual.

3. Those are the keys appropriate for lust and destruction. Dr. LaVey wrote "Because the English language is a glorious display of words, it is criminal not to avail oneself of the majestic vocal renditions made possible by such a language. In the ceremonies which I have conducted, I have always spoken the key I have chosen both in English and Enochian."
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