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#140089 - 02/01/06 04:49 AM Re: "go away" [Re: fatebender]
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Oh,perhaps when I meet the teacher I hate extremely next time,I should pretend to be foolish~~
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#140090 - 02/01/06 05:06 AM Re: "go away" [Re: fatebender]
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Excellent advice!

There are a few people who latch themselves on to me with alarming regularity whenever I bump into them, despite my efforts to get shot of them! Having read your post I shall try a different tact next time I seem to have become an idiot magnet!

#140091 - 02/01/06 06:15 AM Re: "go away" [Re: fatebender]
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Great advice!

Another thing you can do is to talk about yourself endlessly. If they say, "How are you doing?" Tell them EVERYTHING. Every last detail, especially if it's all a bunch of bullshit. NEVER EVER EVER say, "Fine, and you?" Because if you ask them about their day too, they WILL reciprocate, and you'll never be rid of them. Oh, and try to contradict everything they say and back it up with "the latest study from Discover Magazine..." and so forth. If you're always right, you'll never make any friends, so if you pretend like your opinion is the be all end all in every single conversation, then you'll not make friends with these losers. Sometimes you have to be something you completely hate in order to get what you want (or get rid of what you don't want). Opposites attract, as we all know, so if you act like an asshole, you will repel the other assholes.

#140092 - 02/01/06 10:06 AM Re: "go away" [Re: fatebender]
ThrashinHellslut Offline

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The "play dumb"-tactic is great As long as he realizes, that he's at least the dumbass. I always try to stay polite and often I am. But sometimes its satisfying to tell someone, he shall "fuck off". It depends on the situation.

#140093 - 02/01/06 10:51 AM Re: "go away" [Re: ThrashinHellslut]
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this reminds me of when I was in high school.

there was this white kid who said "dawg" and "thuggin" in like every sentance, and he annoyed me and my friends.

We decided next time he approached us we would all say "thuggin" over and over like it was an actual conversation to make him feel stupid. After we did that he said "YEAAAH we be THUGGIN." he was too stupid to know we were making fun of him. it was really quite sad. ugh.
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#140094 - 02/03/06 10:25 AM Re: "go away" [Re: fatebender]
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I I really don't like someone, I just ignore them and make it a point not to get into conversation in the first place.

If I really have no choice, then I either play stupid (as fatebender explained above) or I play "smart" (coming off as aloof and using obscure and archaic vocabulary words in every sentence).

#140095 - 02/03/06 10:41 AM Re: "go away" [Re: G.F.V.]
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See, that's what I sometimes try doing: Playing Smart. Doesn't work too well with me since I'm not nessicarily skilled in intelligently explaining myself. I'll try that playing dumb thing.

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#140096 - 02/05/06 09:35 AM Re: "go away" [Re: Phex]
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I have a hard time playing dumb. I'm not a great actor. The best way to decide for me, is simply being silent.

They will either get annoyed and leave, or attempt a confrontaion of sorts.

Either way I get to train in several things in one moment, all thanks to the annoying person.
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#140097 - 02/05/06 11:49 AM Re: "go away" [Re: fatebender]
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I donít have the energy to spare in order to play games with people.
I'm usually fairly blunt:
"I'm not interested in this conversation."
"I don't care about what you are saying."
"Please, select a topic I enjoy."
"I really don't care about your pathetic BS."
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