As a medical provider, I have been offered the flu-shot every year. I'm not too crazy about getting it, but it beats bringing germs to a medical facility where people can die if they get the flu. In the ten years that I have been getting it, not once did i get the flu. It must be a great placebo.
However, personally I wouldn't take the shots if it wasn't for the above situation. I believe that it is good for the imune system once in awhile to get a good work out fighting something off. Also the flu shot does not contain a live virus, so one is not injected with the virus that makes them sick. The immune system is "Fooled" into thinking that the live virus is in the body, and it creates antibodies, so when the real virus enters the body, it is ready with the antibodies to fight it off, instead of having to wait three weeks for the body to get the defense ready, delaying healing.
Or something like that.

Hmmm.....I'm confused, were you responding to my chicken soup comment? That was a joke, ya know?

On the other hand, I never said the flu vaccine was a placebo, it was some other poster that made that intimation. That being said, however, I too am a health care provider. I have very rarely taken the proffered flu vaccines, and guess what, in twenty years of providing care I too have never gotten the flu! I guess it doesn't prove anything either way.

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