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I was wondering about the views on the symbol the inverted cross. as i know its not a direct symbol reflecting satinism at all, more of just a anti-christian symbol but of course it is not a "racist" symbol. is it? I am asking this because in a class of mine i happened to be wearing a inverted cross necklace and my teacher aproached me and nearly ripped it off me, i offered to conseal it under my shirt but she was outraged and made me remove it. She took it and brought it to the dean of the school (where i went later on and pleaded my case getting the dean on my side and permistion to wear it just not in that class to avoid unneeded confrontation) , she (the teacher) said to me "the symbole is just like wearing a swastika" follwed but a comment about my baphomet saying it was just as offensive aswell. Bacily im looking for others views/reactions.

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I have never heard of an inverted cross being "racist"; though as you have found out it can be very offensive to some sheeple.

While I would not go as far as saying that wearing an inverted cross is equivalent to wearing a swastika, I could see how a devout Roman Catholic or other Jesus-Freak/nutjob may view an inverted cross the same way as a Jew views a swastica. And that view would be that of This person wearing this symbol is an enemy of my people.

There has been great discussion on the wearing of inverted crosses and other 'Satanic symbols' elswhere on this board so I will not speak to that: I trust that you can figure out how to use the SEARCH function.

Suffice it to say, that many of US choose not to overtly wear such symbols in public to avoid such confrontations.
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Hmm…She has displayed a special kind of arrogance. Tell me, does she treat all religious symbols in this manner? If that is the case, at least her intolerance is evenly applied.


… as i know its not a direct symbol reflecting satinism at all, more of just a anti-christian symbol…she was outraged and made me remove it

Christians generally view anything that is anti-Christian as being de facto Satanic. Their responses to what they consider to be Satanic depend wholly upon the level of safety they feel at that moment in time.

You have publicly and effectively identified yourself as her religious and philosophical enemy simply by displaying your jewelry. I have no problem with that; however, at the time, you were located in a place where she possessed significant authority. It was her room. She was in charge.

Now what? Should you force a confrontation with the teacher? Some people would. Some people would not. It all boils down to whether or not you want your educational experience to go smoothly. Butting heads with your teacher will ensure that you will encounter some difficulties.

There is something important here that you should consider: Satan has a vast capacity for subtly.

[edit] Clarification: The statement about “Satan” is not meant to reflect a theistic mind-set by the author of this post. I believe that the “devil-worshipper” crowd can best identify with an important concept when you talk to them at their level…usually it’s not worth the effort, though. [/edit]

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This is the wrong forum for this. This forum is for technical questions relating to this website, not personal issues.

You have no issue anyway. Don't wear things that land you in hot water. Only fools martyr themselves to prove that everyone else is a dummy.
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this was the first tiem she went off on a tangent about a religous factor. I offered to conseal it under my shirt as i stated befor but she wanted it off me. After that conflict i would just keep it consealed in that class just to avoid unneeded problems. I feel it being unfair but i apologized if it truly offened her but she should learn some facts befor ignorently making accuzations about something.


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