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#144790 - 02/11/06 09:35 PM LaVey on Crowley...
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I've read through a lot of the previous posts on here and I can't seem to find anything on this. Anyway, here it is: What was LaVey's take or thoughts on Aleister Crowley? I mean, I wouldn't exactly call Crowley a full-blown materialist, although there are certain aspects of his life that reflect this. It's easy to see how LaVey was intrigued by the carnal side of Crowley's life. But what about the other side?
Just an interesting idea, I thought....

#144791 - 02/11/06 09:42 PM Re: LaVey on Crowley... [Re: Vandermast]
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Look a little more, it's been brought up lots of times.

Crowley came up with a couple ideas, screwed most of it up if you ask me. A drug addicted occultnik isn't exactly a model of Satanic virtue.

But hey, he was good at climbing mountains.
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#144792 - 02/11/06 09:53 PM The difference between......... [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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The difference between both according to me : one went high with acid pills and found a friend, "somewhere in the sky", who told him what to write ( Book of the "law"), and one was listening to Chopin then started to write the Satanic Bible.

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In Herr Doktor's own words:

"It is bad enough to hear of the “great teachings” of Aleister Crowley—who hypocritically called himself by the Christian devil’s number, yet steadfastly denied any Satanic connections, who wrote and had published millions of words of Kabbalisitic mulligatawny, the distilled wisdom of which could have been contained in a single volume of once-popular E. Haldeman Julius’ Little Blue Books (which sold for a nickel). Strange, how seldom one hears plaudits for Crowley’s poetry, worthy of inclusion with the likes of James Thompson, Baudelaire, Clark Ashton Smith, and Robert E. Howard. If Crowley was a magician, it was the beauty of his creative art which made him so, not his drug-befuddled callings-up of Choronzon, et al. Unfortunately, his followers today have taken up his worst, while neglecting his best."

Source- "On Occultism of the Past" by Anton LaVey
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Personally I think the entire "religion" he created was meant only to justify to himself the behaviors and indulgences that he wanted to pursue. If you think about it, he spent his whole life rebelling against his mother, a very religious woman. No wonder then that he invented a surrogate mother, who was literally and figuratively up in the sky (literally in the sense that she was the egyptian goddess of the night sky, figuratively as in more spiritualist nonsense) and had no problem with him doing as he pleased.
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Personally I think the entire "religion" he created was meant only to justify to himself the behaviors and indulgences that he wanted to pursue. If you think about it, he spent his whole life rebelling against his mother, a very religious woman.

In a way, I can relate to that. I realized I was a Satanist due to the fact that I bought the Satanic Bible in order to rebel against my Baptist father. When I read it, though, I realized that Dad had nothing to do with my being a Satanist (he had little to do with my being anything else for that matter), and it was better for me not to do things just to piss him off any more. I do things that make me happy now, and if these things just happen to piss off my father, then, hell yeah, you know? It's just one of the perks!
As far as the subject of this thread is concerned, unless Crowley plays a big role in your philosophy, or you're writing a research paper on the subject (or you happen to enjoy listening to an Ozzy song about him a heck of a lot more than most of us do), I wouldn't worry too much about what anyone thinks of the man. I watched a TV show about him a long time ago, and it was interesting, but it wasn't something I would watch more than once.

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I seem to vaguely recall LaVey writing some rather dismissive things about Crowley, which makes sense given LaVey's perspective.

I, on the other hand, have a good deal of respect for Crowley as something of a Satanist in that, for his time, he was a cutting edge figure in personal magical liberation from white light orthodoxy. There had never been anyone like him in history. Compared to the constipated, moralistic ceremonial magicians of the late 19th century, Crowely was wicked, wild, genius and free. I give him credit, then, for his magical and antinomian insights that were really extraordinary FOR HIS TIME. The things he dared to do, say and promote set Victorians afire.

LaVey was fully on the next level and probably saw Crowely as the comparatively "weak soup" that he was.
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