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#145634 - 02/24/06 08:08 AM Re: Declawing cats. [Re: ]
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Those who feel that it is acceptable to chop parts off of an animal to make them "look nice" or to "save the furniture" should not be owning said animal.

"Cropping" as well as de-clawing, should be illegal.

Other dogs are slow to befriend my boxer, not because he has social issues, but.... he has no tail.
Most of the dogs I have lived with in one capacity or another have been cropped, and the reaction is the same.

I refer to it as "Cosmetic Cruelty".

People can say I want to get this branded or pierced a less vocal animal cannot. Cruelty indeed just for looks even. Though I am sure one could say that a cut penis is the same thing, or anything done to a child. And as far as abortion I feel it is choice to a extent... If you are unfit to raise a child, raped, or child is not healthy enough to live long than abortion is ok... But it should still be used with caution.

#145635 - 02/24/06 09:04 AM Re: Declawing cats. [Re: LOTH]
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well, for the most part I think pet owners should get used to the idea of some property damage when they decide to own an animal. I wont say that declawing should never ever be done because some animals do have serious behavior problems outside of the norm, and cats arent easily trainable. Sometimes it comes down to either getting rid of the cat or declawing it when the damage is severe, and declawing is a better option imo in that situation.
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#145636 - 02/28/06 02:28 PM Re: Abortion [Re: Bill_M]
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Oh no. Not the old "Is a fetus a child" debate! That one's about as interesting and original as a Full House rerun.

Hell, I just figured while we were on the subject, we might as well see all points of it addressed (redressed?). And I reserve the right unto myself to be facetious.
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#145637 - 08/21/06 12:32 PM Re: Abortion [Re: Ashke]
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Well this is just my view and my interpertation on the subject.

Personally i believe abortion is wrong. It hurts a being in its purest form. A child or in this case a fetus is just following its most basic instincs of growing up and when it is ready, it will be born.

Declawing cats and harming other animals to gain a human satisfaction is wrong aswell since, it will just disable it from achieving its basic nature.

well again its just my view.
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