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I've been interested in the Disinformation company for some time now. They have published quite a few texts on odd information, the "stuff you're not going to hear anywhere else" which is always nice. I particularly like their dvd's. I was wondering if anyone likes disinfo, or dislikes them.

They have always taken an interest in Satanism as a whole, but I'm not sure they have always looked in the right places when talking about information on Satanism. This may be deliberate; I couldn't imagine that people who are so hellbent on the truth wouldn't be a bit more thorough in finding their information on things within basic Satanic philosophy.

The thing I'm alluding to is on their show's dvd, which is a collection of all four episodes, on which one of the episodes they talk about Satanism as it may be a conspiracy, and getting people unaffiliated with the CoS to talk to them and prove their case, which sadly makes all Satanists look like devil-worshippers. Those of you in England may have actaully seen it becuase I think this is where they aired it.

I must say that after watching how they portrayed Satanism, I started taking everything they had to say with a grain of salt, and started reading what I owned by them the way I read the Onion (a satirical publication).

Their website it , some of their stuff is kinda wacky, like their obsession with alien abductions. I haven't been too interested in it lately, but I still wanted to raise the issue here, especially after looking in the search and seeing that it had not been brought up (least I was not using it correctly, and if that is the case, I apologize for this post).

I'm not looking to defend disinfo, just to bring them up.
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Remember that during times of war, there are millitary divisions who
have the responsibillity of containing and disseminating information
at news agencies.

This isn't some WhackJob Commie Konspiracy thing either. You
and I are being fed news and information that we are supposed
to know or find out.

Do a little research on your own and you may be surprised what you
can find.

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Maybe there is a reason it is called disinformation
Empty heads babble the most.

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They are leftwing egalitarians using trendy conspiracy bullshit as a Trojan Horse for their ideological agendas.
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If you don't allready know about it, the kind of information that appeals to you can be found in much better quality HERE .

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...If your not wondering if what were telling you is the truth, then we're not doing our job.

Were you not listening to him when he said this, its in the opening credits of every show.
"If a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin

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The "dis" in the title might give you a clue.
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