This results from a discussion/investigation we had in the Members’ Section. Since there are many pet-owners here as well, you should hear this.

Apparently the “sell by” date or “best before” date is not enforced in many countries, and it may be that includes the USA. So far, we have found that only in Britain, stores would be heavily fined if they sold date-expired food, for humans or animals. So there is the possibility that the food you buy for your pets may have lost its nutritional value, if not become actually harmful.

Of course tins and packs (if stored in correct conditions) have a long shelf-life, but how long and what conditions?

It is your responsibility to check the date-stamp (and I must admit that, when this discussion started, it was the first time I had ever looked at the underneath of Molly Midnight’s tins of Whiskas).

CAVEAT EMPTOR. And we have heard that wise advice somewhere before …

Hail Satan!