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#146694 - 02/21/06 05:51 PM Re: Can I laugh now? [Re: Poetaster]
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When everything becomes funny and when humor can be found in nearly all aspects of the world around you, there always seems to be an authoritative person who says: "That is not funny, conduct yourself accordingly". There is a line to be drawn to what is not funny, but nature is the only authority. Meaning real events will bring about natural emotional responses. Things that shouldn’t be funny won’t be funny.

I see the situation in the circumstances that most people don't know how to laugh or when something is funny, and/or people are afraid that their sense of humor will be reprimanded.
Having a "bad"(unusual) sense of humor seems to get you reprimanded when others do not share your laugh. Others who cannot participate or lack the capacity to participate in humorous situations will usually try to deny others the satisfaction of such. Such environmental corruptors deserve no mercy...
Laugh at them.

Many along with the aforementioned seem to have a big misconception that other people laughing at them is an undesirable situation.
I’ve always observed that being the cause of another person's laughter and amusement, even while being the target of ridicule or mockery, is to still amuse them.
Deep down inside they thank you for it.

#146695 - 02/22/06 09:16 AM Re: Can I laugh now? [Re: uncleherpe]
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They rerun UCB once in a while. I was a big fan of Kids in the Hall too. I wonder what ol' Dave Foley's up to these days.

#146696 - 02/22/06 07:01 PM Re: Can I laugh now? [Re: Poetaster]
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I guess it is a cultural phenomenon, mainly because I can
notice it in Israel at the begining of it's way. we don't have
many shows the envolve mechanical pre-taped laughs (those
fumble and dissappear shortly, the public still doesn't like those shows...)

but every funny original show that begins to take up ratings also
begins "watering down" the sarcasm and general sharp edge
of it until it's boring as hell.

I also think that "family guy" makes a decent episode every
now and then, pre-taped laughs not included...

#146697 - 02/22/06 07:08 PM Re: Can I laugh now? [Re: Bill_M]
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Why here, of course!

Thank you oh so very much!

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