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ok i no they may sound bad, but im 16 and want 2 become a member of the CoS. I've read about the church and really like how they dont feed into afterlife and holy creater BS. Theres jus one thing im a little leery about, the magic part. To be a member, do u have to do the magic part? Im open 2 new ideas but it may take me awile to want 2 try out the magic. Would someone please e-mail me back with the answer. [email protected], thanks.

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a) This is the wrong forum for this, this forum is for technical questions regarding the message board.

b) You've not posted the mandatory introduction;

c) It doesn't matter because you're a minor, a violation of the user agreement to Letters to the Devil.

d) As a minor you are also unable to join the Church of Satan until you turn 18, legal age in the US.

Fortunately for you, plenty of material is available for free online, and Dr. LaVey published five books. That should give you something to do with the next couple years, until you can more seriously consider joining.
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Like you I would like to become a COS member, but at this very moment I do not feel qualified to become one, I would read more into the COS and read the Satanic Bible if you have not already done so, as for the magic part, I have practiced white, grey and black magic and personaly I dont see it as part of Satanism I see it as part of my life because it makes me feel more intune with my body, mind and soul, its something that I cherish.

But I do see where you are coming from and I am also confused on the basis that is magic a part of Satanism. To be honest with you what I have read so far magic plays a huge role in Satanism but I am not sure that you have to be practising magic to become a member.

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I have practiced white, grey and black magic

You mean you have practiced magic.

You obviously have not read Magus LaVey's writings on magic. If you had the error in your sentence would be blantantly obvious to you.

See "The Theory and Practice of Satanic Magic (Definition and Purpose)" In The Satanic Bible - The Book of Belial, pg. 110 (Magus Gilmore intro printing)
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