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#148757 - 03/03/06 03:08 PM View on the Military?
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What is the Church of Satan's view on members in the military?

#148758 - 03/03/06 03:19 PM Re: View on the Military? [Re: belialtheunholy]
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The Church of Satan has a long standing tradition of respected affiliates from all branches of military from many countries.
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There are many CoS Members who are currently active duty military, reservists, members of the National Guard, or veterans. The U.S. Army Chaplains' Handbook even had a section devoted to the CoS. I believe this pub is no longer being used, however, but the pertinent section is available on the CoS website.
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Military service is not only entirely acceptable within the Church of Satan, but many of us, myself included, have a great deal of respect for those in the military.

In fact, we have an entire forum dedicated to Satanists in the armed forces and law enforcement and military affairs in the CoS members-only section.
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