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#149361 - 03/06/06 01:48 PM Ever feel like this?
Witch_Scarlet Offline

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It is not okay, to complain to me about other people complaining about you! Try fixing the problem.

It is not okay to whine at me about other people whining about you! I donít give a flying damn.

It is not okay to pout at me because of people who ignore you! I donít care.

It is not okay to tell me your every little bullshit problem! Tell someone who cares.

It is not okay to piss off everyone around you just because you are pissed off! Honey catching flies and all of that, ever heard of it?

It is not okay to lie about whom you know or who knows you! YOU will be found out.

It is not okay to lie about lying about everything I said in the previous sentence! YOU are an idiot.

It is not okay to clog up everyoneís email box with any of this fucking crap! Have a nice day!

#149362 - 03/06/06 03:06 PM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
Maya Offline
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Yeah, I get that feeling a lot...

#149363 - 03/06/06 03:56 PM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
WinterGoat Offline

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I used to at times, until I stopped allowing myself to be plagued by it.

One phrase I have used hundreds of times over the years that really seems to work is "I don't need to know." Some people may feel a little put off by it, so what. If I have to, I will immediately walk away. And that will be the end of it.
Every man has to seek in his own way
to make his own self more noble
and to realize his own true worth.

Albert Schweitzer

They're persecuting what they can't stand to look at in themselves--the truth.

From the song Warlock
by The Electric Hellfire Club


#149364 - 03/06/06 04:40 PM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
Tathariant Offline

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All too often. I find that 'giving the evils' to irritants solves the problem quite quickly.
Hail Satan!

#149365 - 03/06/06 08:48 PM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Maya]
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Loc: High Hades do have that dr. phil appearance. People just wanna tell you everything about themselves.
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished coopdevil

#149366 - 03/06/06 09:09 PM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
uncleherpe Offline

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i try to be entertained rather than annoyed. works for me!

it was hard to get my natural reaction from a frown to a laugh,
but damn it was worth it to have a sense of humor about people
that bother me.
One stupid post too many.

#149367 - 03/06/06 10:08 PM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
IX Von ZehEhv Offline

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I used to be someone that people would gravitate towards to tell their problems, so understand the feeling. It took the lesson of my own problems being aggravated due to spending too much time helping others, that led me to adopt a new and much healthier stance. Not giving a crap. Now people don't bother telling me.
"Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it." - Author unknown

#149368 - 03/07/06 03:53 AM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
ElJago Offline

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Yes psychic vampires come in all shapes and sizes, there are many people out there who see no wrong in burdening other people with their "problems".

I have been a shoulder to cry on in the past for various people and have learned in the long run this tends to be a one sided thing, try burdening the person with YOUR problems and they will be conspicious by their absence.

Apart from my girlfriend, immediate family and my daugther I have no interest in hearing or trying to solve anyone elses problems. I have enough problems of my own that I keep to myself thank you.
Man: An animal so lost in rapturous comtemplation of what he thinks he is as to overlook what he indubitably ought to be - Ambrose Bierce - The Devil's Dictionary.

Alice laughed. "There's no use trying," she said, "one can't believe impossible things."
"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." - Lewis Carroll, Through the looking glass.

#149369 - 03/07/06 10:40 AM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
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Responding with "Perhaps people would not complain so much about you if you weren't such a chronic complainer yourself" usually puts these people into place.

That said, just walk away. Energy given to these types is energy wasted. Surround yourself with those you want to be around, not those you dislike being around. Even if it's a work situation you can't quite just completely get out of seeing the person for good --- start giving blunt answers to the leeches instead of sympathy, they'll find someone else to bother.

"You know, this is really none of my business (or this has nothing to do with why I'm here today) and I really have to go get _blank_ done now" has never failed yet on the job.


#149370 - 03/07/06 10:45 AM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: ElJago]
SDM Offline
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try burdening the person with YOUR problems and they will be conspicious by their absence.

Be cautious who you give ammunition to. I advise strongly against this. Only very close and intimate friends know details of my life and it stays that way for this very reason.

I'd rather be overly paranoid than careless with personal details. Obviously, anyone who can't control their own life will be of no help to you with any problem you may have of your own, so this route would be doing nothing but likely causing you problems in the future.

No, thanks. I'd rather bypass that drama.


#149371 - 03/07/06 11:00 AM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
crackergirl Offline

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Damn, someone pissed Ms. Scarlet off! Yeah, man, I know what it feels like to hear all the whining crap and the email crap..."Love, your friend, somefuckinbodyIneverheardofinmygoddamnlife" and all that. Ick. They all want something they can never have, and when they realize they can't get it from you, they try to make your life as miserable as theirs. Frickin' worthless! I wish it was legal to kill these people. For now, we'll just have to rip them from limb to limb emotionally instead. It's a start.

#149372 - 03/07/06 12:19 PM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
Exanimus Offline

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Behemoth is right, but I think you look much better than dr. phil

#149373 - 03/07/06 04:16 PM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
Assabrah Offline
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Do you feel better now?.....

Remember you came to whine here too, with myspace. So, see, there are things hard to avoid.
Has left the board.

#149374 - 03/07/06 05:45 PM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Witch_Scarlet]
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Aside from my email box which is not clogged up, Iíll say a big fat YES! In fact I have just addressed these very same issues with a girlfriend of mine who has become an annoying blood sucking, energy draining pain in my fucking ass.
I had lost touch with her for a couple of years. Isnít it funny how people just don't get it? She blames everyone in her life for all her shortcomings. I finally told her to get the hell off her lazy ass. Most of the shit she bitched about was very easily fixable. Good riddance to a headache
"All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie."

"Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it."

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#149375 - 03/07/06 06:01 PM Re: Ever feel like this? [Re: Dark_Adept]
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So you think I look like Dr. Phil? Thanks. I have been insulted before but I have to say that one takes the cake.

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