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#14989 - 03/22/04 11:59 AM Re: God Exists. [Re: CannibalSpirit]
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Basically the media takes the place of religion. Before there were TVs and such, people used religion to scare each other into flowing a messiah. Now we have FOX to scare us into watching their news segment so our children donít get abducted.

Maybe someday something else will come along. The government was our savor form communism, Bush is our savoir from terrorism and soon something ells will save us form something even more horrible then that!

It works well, because itís a very basic concept that everyone can get, good vs. evil. It takes a bit more insight to see thought to the fact that people just define thereís things in whatever way best suits there purpose.

The bad thing about this is itís annoying. The good thing about this is itís easy to manipulate stupid people.
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#14990 - 03/22/04 02:31 PM Re: God Exists. [Re: Darkbella]

I do think that they media is very powerful but i don't think it takes the place off religion. There are some needs that only religion can meet. Depends on whose views you take but it from a sociology view point it can be seen as a way of dealing with crisis of life such as death and a way of giving people's lives meaning. I would say that the media like education is used in a negative way in order to expolit people. However not all children watch tv, not all people who don't think much watch tv. Education though everyone has one of those it's not something anyone can really have say on since it is compulsory. It transmit's societies norms and values which tend to be religious norms and values. People are much more likely to follow them if they believe those norms and values are sacred. Even if you are not religious you still follow these values. I do think that sometimes the media can be informative, you just have to realise it's only giving you one side a lot of the times. Some programs i watch like News Night, Panorama and lots of documentarys are interesting. I think it's down to people letting themselves be sucked in by crap like soaps. It's almost like people need to be stimulated all the time and media give's them easy things to look at so they don't have to think much. Which goes hand in hand with all the other stuff. I think it does give a good idea of what society is finding acceptable though. However it's done really confusingly. Like Janet Jackson's nipple thing compared to say MTV Awards where you can find nipples everywhere. It's almost like people are split on what they watch ( so Christians may watch the Superbowl, while free loving teenagers will watch Mtv Awards) and this split reflects the split in people's moral codes and what is acceptable in the Media at what time and when.

#14991 - 03/22/04 02:47 PM Re: God Exists. [Re: CannibalSpirit]
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Although I believe that your intentions are pure within your job (making money and living a good life), I am not sure I agree with your lifestyle.

I have often wondered if stupid people are merely attracted to the media, or if it is the media that CREATES stupid people. The average child under 5 spends an abhorable amount of time infront of the television soaking it up like a sponge (I read a statistic somewhere that said something like 30+ hrs a week.) This is the time when their psyches are developing and determining the way they will behave in the future. Now you have to wonder what kind of an affect this has on kids.

So although your actions may be satanic in the short run (exploiting stupidty, making a profit, bettering your life), I am not so sure they are satanic in the long run. It will be the stupid people that will bring the world and your own life to an untimely end, so if you are helping to create them, you are helping to destroy yourself.

Just a thought, don't take it TOO seriously.

#14992 - 03/22/04 04:19 PM Re: God Exists. [Re: Max Rose]
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Assuming a kid wasn't already genetically set up to be a moron, it's the fault of his parents if he becomes one, not of a sitcom star, news anchor, or televangelist. Responsibility to the responsible.

#14993 - 03/22/04 04:41 PM Re: God Exists. [Re: Drake_Bamboozle]
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So then, the people who control the media are the people who control the herd? I wonder if the the people who control the media are part of the herd as well. I mean, do they buy into their own bullshit?
They are doomed because they cannot even glimpse beyond the construct that their masters have put into place. Their masters are doomed because they believe in the construct they created.

#14994 - 03/22/04 04:56 PM Re: God Exists. [Re: J. Hagalaz]

To me is kinda a 'power elite' argument. Show people enough so they think there being treated like adults and think they are aware of things but not so much that they consider rising up against you so therefore people are being manipulated. However it could just be simply because there is money to be had.They want the money, we wanna see whatever it is even if it's total shite really so everyone's happy.
With children, you can't deny them the pleasure they get out of tv. I suppose it's all about the amount you let them see.I mean my mum didn't buy me my first video untill i was 10. Also the more tv children watch the more obese they are seen to get. There are so many commercials about junk food that children can't stop thinking about it, so they eat more, thats what i've heard.

#14995 - 03/22/04 05:30 PM Re: God Exists. [Re: Drake_Bamboozle]
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How the media influences the thoughts of people reminds me of characters from certain tv shows. There is usually an assistant to a leader, who presents ideas and plans in such a way to make the leader think they came up with the idea all along.

Lulling people into think they came up with their own decisions and ideas or even their fears themselves. That is what the media does to a large extent. They spew forth how unbiased they are and so many people eat that up and say, if they say it, it must be true!

#14996 - 03/23/04 09:57 AM Re: Do they buy it? [Re: J. Hagalaz]
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Usually so.

Just examine their private lives to confirm this.

#14997 - 03/24/04 06:32 AM Re: God Exists. - about fighting religion with religion [Re: Drake_Bamboozle]
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I know this is quite little off-topic/thread but i want to share these:

Today before some hours i was driving with my uncle in the city to get some stuff - i talked to him and listen with my second ear to the radio - The guy was talking about the accident in the capital City of Spain (Madrid called in german sorry i dont know actualy if its another word in english) - Well he talked about the local funeral service and about some citations of the christian bible. Well i was not listen so concentrated on it but i just thought - hell why the people are now import this bible shit, they fighting with their religion against the other one. I mean it just doesnt matter if christs died or muslems, its the same shit just another "god" just another way of thinking but in fact its the same. Sometimes i just cannot imagine why most people can be so cheated and think what they are citate now is better as the other religion shit of the murders. Isnt it obviously to them that they bubble the same shit and are not better in any kind of way.

every causation has its own special effect

#14998 - 03/24/04 06:54 PM Re: God Exists. [Re: J. Hagalaz]

I wonder if the the people who control the media are part of the herd as well. I mean, do they buy into their own bullshit?

big buisness doesn't have to believe in their work. in fact, i think it would work against them greatly. i see it as the biggest pusher known to man... and a pusher never skims off the stash, if he wants to gain profit. on a different note - nature vs. nurture is an old battle. i do not believe that mankind is smart enough to leave well enough alone. once we become overly analytical, we lose a few degrees of perspective and the original idea loses quite a bit of meaning. theory is nice and interesting, but if we never put forth effort to conjure fact, it's wasted words.

#14999 - 03/25/04 10:45 PM Re: God Exists. [Re: J. Hagalaz]
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I think many do buy their own bullshit, yes. Inevitably, when people spew bullshit for so long, many of them begin to believe it, even if they didn't initially.

Some predators are just food for bigger predators, and others eat themselves in addition to everyone around them. So, while they may seem aggressive or carnivorous, or seem to be on top of things, they themselves may lack true control.
"Gentlemen, the verdict is guilty, on all ten counts of first-degree stupidity. The penalty phase will now begin."--Divine, "Pink Flamingos."

"The strong rule the weak, and the cunning rule over all." HS!

#15000 - 03/25/04 11:30 PM Re: God Exists. [Re: TrojZyr]
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"when convincers convince so well they convince themselves"

from a little poem I once wrote hehe

#15001 - 03/28/04 02:02 PM Re: God Exists.
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No, the people who control the media do not buy their own bullshit. They are some of the most powerfull people, they are higher than the politicians, and they use the media not to give informations to the poeple but to control the masses.
Those who really control the media allways remain in shadow, they never appear on TV or newspapers, they allways keep a low profile.

I think this answers your question.
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