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#150258 - 03/10/06 09:42 PM Help?!
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I just finished reading the Satanic Witch, and I've found it to be very useful, but I still am having trouble finding myself on the clock. I can pretty much find everyone else, but when I read what the different traits are for the different positions on the clock I could see myself at any of those depending on my mood or who I'm with. Can any of you help me figure this out? Am I just a total freak of nature? *very confused*

#150259 - 03/10/06 10:08 PM Re: Help?! [Re: SpiderLegs]
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Do you have anyone, a friend perhaps, who could view the material and make a judgement objectively? It is very difficult to see ourselves for who we are instead of what we 'think' we are.

I would suggest finding a friend or someone to help you in person, as it would be difficult to make a call on this over the internet.
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Go back to The LaVey Personality Synthesizer, in Knowing Yourself and Others.
Great Book!

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I have the same problem, its not just body style and ways of thinking, certain preferences (like cars) can offer clues too. I haven't read the book in a while. I think im probably a 4:30. just in case anyones interested. But one thing im confused on, it says your often attracted to people who are opposite you on the clock, and I always find im attracted to the people close to me on the clock. Maybe im just interested in friendship but, i dont think so. It mention in a green witchcraft book that people w/ blue eyes are more sexually attracted to people with brown eyes and brown eyes attracted to light colors, blue/green,. And blondes attracted to people w/ dark hair and so forth. And if a guy is wearing black, the woman should wear white, if hes wearing green she should wear red, unless they want to appear as married in which case wear the same colors, And reading books like this makes you think of nothing other than sexual attraction. so if you want to attract someone is it better to appear as their opposite or their wife? Well, as Lavey stated, the husbands lust after the other women (other than their wife (so we shouldn't get married?)but he lusts after a bunch of other women not just one other woman.(more points for the wife?).Since Im not going to be going after guys I think it would be more desireable for someone to go after me, but just wearing a color isnt going to cause people to do much, they either like you or they don't regardless. so instead of alot of information being used to get alot done, alot of information is out there just so people can obsess and worry on it. oh well.

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Imagine how you are with yourself. Say you are in a fairly good mood and alone... How do you act then?

This shouldn't be necessary as more often than not there is a vein of similarity running through you no matter who you are with, or what mood you are in. By asking questions such as this, I would probably place you near to the 3 o'clock mark. That just from reading one post which suggest you think more than act and 'split hairs'.

Also consider where you would place yourself by physical attributes. Remember you can be a quarter past or half-past.

I'm about a 7.30 and my partner about 1 o'clock. As someone mentioned above, you are most likely to be attracted to someone on the opposite side of the clock. So I planned this relationship perfectly! . (I hope those you know me and ASP will agree on our positions, if they're reading).
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>>I would suggest finding a friend or someone
>>to help you in person,

This is a good suggestion. I've met so many male Satanists who blindly insist they "must" be a 12 o'clock, and likewise I've heard some complain that way too many females say they "must" be a 6 o'clock. As if to declare otherwise made them an andogynous person or something! Ridiculous.

Obviously, not everybody is going to find a 100% perfect fit into one narrow slice of the clock. The book even states that the system isn't an exact science. But as with any categorizing system, over-analysis makes it harder to index things. For example, just look any lengthy internet debate on whether some rock band is "hard rock" or "heavy metal" or "industrial" or whatever. The whole point in using labels and categories is to give you a practical framework to work in.
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The body clock in the satanic witch is more of general guide than a 100 % accurate one size fits all guide to every person on the planet.

It is useful for reading people and some of the generalities and personality traits do ring true, however don't get too involved with trying to pigeon hole yourself into one catergory.

Individuality is one of the keys to satanism, the satanic witch is more a guidebook on how to relate to, exploit and manipulate people based on physical/emotional archetypes.

All these on line personality tests are all very well and good but I know what my personality is and don't need to take a test to find out.

As the Verve song bittersweet symphony says "I'm a million different people from one day to the next".
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I think you're being a bit too hard on yourself.

Personality tests are not designed to give definitive answers, but rather a basic foundation; it's a tool, not the result.

I would be more concerned with pigeonholing myself successfully than I would if I couldn't figure out where I fit.

Satanism upholds the individual.

Concerning yourself over not fitting a perceived mold is missing the point.

If all Satanists could be so easily defined, I think that would be an ironic tragedy.

Self-awareness is more important than a million tests.

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For accurate placement, I suggest concentrating on physical characteristics. So very many manifestations of the Demonic are possible when it comes to one's personality, aesthetics, etc. It really is too much to take in at one time and will more often than not just lead to unnecessary confusion.


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