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#150403 - 03/11/06 09:36 PM One more irratation
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Before I begin to rant I would like to say this is in NO WAY an assault on any true Satanists tastes in music, literature or any other fine art or their beleifs in general. One thing I have found that makes the urge to murder rise in level even more so is all of these damn 14 and 15 year olds who idolize Maryln Manson and call themselfs little fucking devil worshipers simply because mommy and daddy didnt love them enough. I go through every day and see one of those kids....and the buck knife in my car just seems to scream for me to come hither. Mainly I have a question on how to "deal" with these types of people. Who simply sit down on the computer and wail and sob in some myspace bulliten searching for simpathy. Either way, do you all think proper justice would be a rather large glass of blood from their necks or just being boring and calling them out on it.

#150404 - 03/11/06 09:49 PM Re: One more irratation [Re: Sentinel]
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I don't know if I really have the right to say anything considering I am quite sure I've been seen as one of these types at one point or another. Marylin Manson is my hero. Love his music to daeth as well, but I have met people who are really like this and it makes me mad because as soon as they find something worse to torture their parents with, their whole devil worshipping/Manson thing is over. Lately they've been switching to "emo" lmao! Even worse though are the people who "adore" Marylin Manson (or any other band) but don't really know a damn thing about it. I'm not an expert but at least I take the time to do a bit of research before I go spouting off. I share your frustration!

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Wow. What an original, undiscussed topic.


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Use it.
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#150407 - 03/12/06 03:41 AM One more sheep..... [Re: Sentinel]
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I will be always surprised by people like you using such images of perfection ( this avatar ), while you only spread chaotic words.

In other terms, to be short : This suck.
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