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#150410 - 03/12/06 12:25 AM Violence

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The strongest instinct in every living creature is self preservation,which brings us to the last of the seven deadly sins-ANGER.Is it not our instinct for self preservation that is aroused when someone harms us,when we become angry enough to protect ourselves from further attack?A Satanist practices the motto,"If a man smite thee on one cheek, smash him on the other!"Let no wrong go unredressed.Be as a lion in the path-be dangerous even in defeat!

I am feeling angry and i dont deal with it well.How does a Satanist deal with it.I usually get violent.I am a Satanist and this is keeping in step with the Satanic bible. Violence is condoned even promoted by The Doktor.Isnt it hypocritical to call urself a Satanist and be anti- violence?

#150411 - 03/12/06 12:36 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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The most effective forms of love and violence execute in total silence.
Obscurum per Obscurius: Ignotum per Ignotius.

#150412 - 03/12/06 12:47 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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Violence is condoned even promoted by The Doktor.Isnt it hypocritical to call urself a Satanist and be anti- violence?


If I disagree with my professor about a grade, I do not punch him in the nose.

If a child annoys me, I do not twist his arm to the point of fracture.

If I police officer unfairly gives me a ticket, it would not be wise to pull a gun on him.

In all cases, I am anti-violence, I am a Satanist and I am no hypocrite. Violence, like compassion and diplomacy, has its time and place. Anger does not equate violence, and to think otherwise is sublimely idiotic.
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#150413 - 03/12/06 12:59 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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I suggest re-reading The Satanic Bible. Please remember that criminal activity, should you be referring to violence in this context, is NOT condoned.

The Fifth Satanic Statement as can be found here must be read in context. There are many legal means with which to crush someone. Sometimes they can be much more cruel than any physical action you could have taken.

As I am not a representative for the CoS, if you need to further clarify perhaps ask the Moderators in the 'Questions about the Church of Satan' area for an official reply.

As for your question regarding dealing with anger, ritual is used as an outlet for this tension. If performed as described by Anton LaVey, you should no longer have a problem. It can also help to keep things in perspective ie, Put things in priority, is it really worth being angry about?
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#150414 - 03/12/06 01:41 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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>>I am feeling angry and i dont deal with it well.
>>How does a Satanist deal with it.

In the ritual chamber, silly. See The Satanic Bible, particularly the Book of Belial.

>>Violence is condoned even promoted by The Doktor.

Philosophically perhaps, but let's be realistic. I'm not a COS representative, but I do know that the Church of Satan does not condone any illegal activity. We have laws for a good reason, and to do something that may very well land one in jail is stupid.

>>Isnt it hypocritical to call urself [sic] a Satanist
>>and be anti-violence?

As in, non-violent? No. But it is hypocritical to call oneself a Satanist and have no power of self-responsibility.
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#150415 - 03/12/06 03:29 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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Violence is only appropriate in response to violence (in self defense) or to prevent violence.

Satanism does not condone violence just because Mr. Grumpy-pants is having a bad life and wants to lash out at someone who is probably better than he is.

Get a punching bag.

If you commit an act of unwarranted anti-social violence, then you deserve to rot in prison with all the other compulsive anti-social losers. There they can be violent to each other for their own petty reasons, and hopefully rid the world of their stupidity in the process.
Live and Let Die.
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"Satanism is the worship of life, not a hypocritical, whitewashed vision of life, but life as it really is." -- Anton Szandor LaVey
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#150416 - 03/12/06 05:32 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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It's not about acting upon every little emotion that pops into your head. If we all did that, a lot of us would be in prison. In short, it's okay to be angry, but it's not okay to go around like Baby Huey and smash everything when you don't get your way. Satanism is not anti-violence, but definitely anti-stupidity.

Honestly, people look more like assholes than anything else when they get violent.

#150417 - 03/12/06 05:54 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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There is an answer, but I won't hand it to you--although you do have help.

Here is a clue:

Which in more likely to accomplish his mission--an organized soldier, or an angry one?

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#150418 - 03/12/06 07:13 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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Apparently you missed the whole "rational self-interest" bit.

As it's been stated, violence is not condoned. That you think it should be, tells me all I need to know about you.

I'll defend myself if necessary, that is natural self-preservation at work.

I will not, however, become a belligerent asshole at the drop of a hat.

If anger and violence go hand-in-hand with you, I would suggest seeking professional therapy.

#150419 - 03/12/06 07:46 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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Violence is not a good idea except in self defence. There are always consequences. You could go to prison.
There are people more fearsome than you. If a blow knocks you down and you hit your head you can die.
Is that what you want?

#150420 - 03/12/06 07:50 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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I think it is impossible to be a Satanist and a pacifist, for example. I sneer at those who say they'd allow even some hooligan to kill or seriously injure them just so that they can prove a point and polish a goodguy badge. I once read a disgusting essay in an "alternative" newspaper where one regular columnist basically admitted that she would 've let a burglar-rapist kill her and her child if it had come to that, because she refuses to inject more negativity into the cosmos, or somesuch new age crap.

But, that being said, there are more daily situations in life where it is wiser and better to be non-violent than violent. Violence and non-violence are both tools, and if you use them poorly, you will quickly end up in a world of hurt.

The bulk of ninnies who absolutely cannot figure out when to be violent and when not to be violent deserve, to my mind, prison, dismemberment, and/or death. I'm seconding Magister Svengali here.

If you are feeling violent or angry, take it to the ritual chamber, or, develop a hobby or a regimen that allows you to "cool down." If you're mad, go hiking up a difficult trail, paint a wild picture, write an angry or sad story, watch a movie that makes you get those feelings out or calm them down, punch a punching bag, scream into a pillow.

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#150421 - 03/12/06 10:28 AM Rational Anger [Re: BEHERIT]
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It is quite unSatanic to be controlled by one's emotions. They really need to be mediated by your rational mind.

It is also quite easy to say this, but to learn how to take charge of one's emotions can be difficult at times, especially with powerful emotions like anger.

Albert Ellis has an acid style, might even make you mad. However, he is very effective and quite rational. Do check out one of his books. Any one will do, as the principles are the same; each of his self help books is focused on a particular problem.
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#150422 - 03/12/06 10:36 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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Try football (soccer). But don´t go kicking the other players, Mr. -- that´s not allowed.

Any sport really, is a great energy reliever. By the time you´re done at each match, or whatever, you´re too knackered to be angry. Try that.

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#150423 - 03/12/06 10:43 AM Re: Rational Anger [Re: Isabel23]
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His books are wonderful, as is his video,
"A GUIDE TO RATIONAL LIVING" if you can get a hold of it.

#150424 - 03/12/06 11:49 AM Re: Violence [Re: BEHERIT]
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In my opinion, I think passivism is unSatanic.

However, violence for the sake of violence is retarded. The world is the way it is, but to be blatant is the path to your own self-destruction.

I would suggest thinking your emotions through logically before you become a slave to them.
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