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#150983 - 03/15/06 06:57 AM Famous satanist speeches
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my class is makeing us write about and present a famous speech (any speech in which atleast one other person has heard of lol)

I WANT TO DO ONE by a satanist, for people to understand our views better.

My problem is i cant get any text from any satanists speeches or audio recordings

can someone help me get one.


#150984 - 03/15/06 07:06 AM Re: Famous satanist speeches [Re: DukeFlourous]
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Considering this is the (General Satanism Discussions), I have no qualms answering this.

I would recommend asking an Agent or a member of the CoS Priesthood for help with that request beyond that, maybe contacting the head office in NY directly.

That is what I would do.

That is all.
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#150985 - 03/15/06 07:22 AM Re: Famous satanist speeches [Re: DukeFlourous]
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Do your own homework.

No offense intended, but you'd be much better off figuring this one out on your own.

After all, you're the only one who stands to gain from it.


#150986 - 03/15/06 07:29 AM Re: Famous satanist speeches [Re: DukeFlourous]
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You could probably use the Satanic Mass CD or if you are brave one of Reverend Leybas albums. He has some great ones.
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#150987 - 03/15/06 01:59 PM Re: Famous satanist speeches [Re: DukeFlourous]
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i dont know of a whole lot.. the only one I can really think of is when marilyn manson did that speech where he read all those violent sexual passages in the bible when there were protestors outside his concert. I dont know where to snag a copy of the audio or text though.

the controversal bill cosby speach is somewhat satanic, and is very well done imo.

heres a link to read his speech- there was a thread about it awhile ago-
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#150988 - 03/15/06 02:13 PM Re: Famous satanist speeches [Re: uncleherpe]
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Great speech that all blacks should read. Thanks for posting.
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#150989 - 03/15/06 02:14 PM Re: Famous satanist speeches [Re: DukeFlourous]
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Hmm, seems to me that this would be on the order of proselytizing. I'm not certain that I, myself, would undertake such a task without first having been appointed as an official spokesman for the COS. Just my own view, I'm not trying to say that this is your intent.
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#150990 - 03/16/06 12:54 AM What Is Your Goal [Re: DukeFlourous]
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Best of luck to you in your assignment.

I am curious, though, as to why you want "people to understand our views better."

I have always felt that if the populace is ignorant in regards to what Satanism really is and are too lazy to correct their own misconceptions, they don't really deserve to know the truth. Informing them of what Satanism really is and correcting their misconceptions for them is in a way, an unreturned favor.

At least, I've felt this way when dealing with people.

A person is a different matter, particularly one who is genuinely interested in the subject and willing to do some research on their own.

Also, have you considered the option of using a speech by someone who perhaps never identified themselves as a Satanist, but had views that were very Satanic in nature? You can get across the ideas of Satanism without necessarily having to say "this was written by a Satanist".

You may get some more specific and helpful advice if you were to also mention what sort of class this is, and what the objective of the asignment is.

Finally, have you considered how this may effect your grade? Who is grading you? Is it solely your instructor, or does the class participate in evaluating you? Do you think that bringing up Satanism could possibly hurt your grade? Certainly there is a feeling of pride in the Satanist for his or her beleifs, but if your pride drives you to present an assignment that, despite its intentions to inform, hurts you in the class rather then helps you, well, that's counter productive pride. Your grade will have suffered, making you a martyr which is something Satanism neither requests or requires (and in fact, views as being more or less stupid.)

The Satanic choice to make is the one that is best and most helpful for you.

At any rate, perhaps when you are finished with this assignment you can follow up with us and let us know what speech you chose, why, and how it was received. There are countless people who come here for help on assignments who wish to report upon Satanism, the CoS, or Anton LaVey, but it's rare that we actually get to hear what they ended up doing and how it was received.
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#150992 - 03/16/06 01:25 AM Just a thought... [Re: DukeFlourous]
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You could always get up in front of class and read Dashiell Hammett.

#150993 - 03/16/06 03:04 AM Re: Famous satanist speeches [Re: DukeFlourous]
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If you want an "A," actually cover some famous speeches.

These two come to mind and are relevant to contemporary events:

Winston S. Churchill:"Iron Curtain Speech", March 5, 1946

President Nixon's "Silent Majority" speech

#150994 - 03/17/06 08:12 AM Re: Famous satanist speeches [Re: DukeFlourous]
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while i personally do admire you having the audacity to try and get other people to understand us, i would like to point out it is often times impossible to convince another person to pull their head out of their ass when it has been so enlarged with popular ideas and false truths as to get it stuck up there anyhow. i would like to wish you good luck and keep me informed as to how it went!
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