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#151411 - 03/25/06 02:35 PM Actors what? [Re: TrojZyr]
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But, I certainly agree with Magister Svengali that most actors and actresses are brainless blowhards. They aren't this way just because they're only "supposed" to be good at acting, rather, they are this way because the world they live in and the lifestyles they lead encourage them to be vapid, out-of-touch, arrogant, insecure, and spoiled. You wouldn't ask Britney Spears about a serious topic because she's dumber than a box of mice, not because she's only supposed to know about singing and (mediocre) acting.

I don't think most actors and actresses are "brainless blowtards". Certainly many that are on the top of the film industry may be that way, or appear that way; alot of that is due to the nature of the television and tabloids that educate the masses about the "lives of their favorite stars".

However, those people and their vapidity should not be assumed to be what actors and actresses are as a whole. I am an actress; I deal a great deal in theatre; I know many actors.

Certainly, like the rest of the race, there are idiots, but acting is Hardly a profession that is mostly succeeded in by morons. It takes a Great Deal of intelligence, courage, and emotional willingness to actually realistically portray someone they are not in situations they are not in. Educated actors do loads of research and developement for every role they play - and most people can not even comprehend desiring to do that much research for their profession, or even for themselves!

I never assume that actors know what they are talking about based on their fame; I never watch or read anything pertaining to their lives, but I would also never assume that just because of twits like Britney Spears or Tom Cruise that the profession is doomed to be riddled with shallow fools.

"You wouldn't ask Britney Spears about a serious topic because she's dumber than a box of mice, not because she's only supposed to know about singing and (mediocre) acting."

While Britney may not be a great actress, I can't help but notice that it feels as though you are assuming a bit much about what is entailed in learning how to act. Once again, sure, that girl is dumb and can only act as herself in whatever parts she gets due to her fame, but the truly good actors not only spend years and years honing their craft, giving up most of their time in dedication and effort, but Also are fairly well educated in a variety of other areas, because in order to play other people, with various professions, education levels, and world experiences, one must know something about the world and the knowledge within it also.

Forgive me if this seems harsh; I just hate to see the world I love lumped in so quickly with the few idiots that seem to crowd idiotic newstand paper products.

#151412 - 03/25/06 04:06 PM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: Poetaster]
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Yes, I did read the article.

Unfortunately for you, it does nothing to support your claim that medical doctors haven't a clue.

In fact, it provides evidence to the contrary.

Can I remember you that the chance of being right by flipping a coin is 50%, without side effets....

#151413 - 03/25/06 04:11 PM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: DeLamar_J]
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cant tell if your for or against drugs or not.


It is funky little number we call "The Third Side."

I'm for people taking responsibility for their malfunctions in whatever way works for them.

I'm for more self-awareness and less busy-bodies.

I'm for query and against knee-jerk reactions.

I'm for disagreeing with my neighbor and maintaining friendly relations provided they don't interfere with my ability to self-choose.

The world is tad rougher in shades of gray, but a whole lot more ineteresting.

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#151414 - 03/25/06 04:54 PM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: DeLamar_J]
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I would take that has-been hack with less than a grain of salt.
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#151415 - 03/25/06 11:00 PM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: Citizen Jonesy]
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#151416 - 03/26/06 10:32 PM Re: Actors what? [Re: mastiva]
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I should've been more specific. Or, perhaps I was too specific, when I should've been more general.

I'd say most celebrities--the people who appear on VH1, basically--are idiots. Half are actors, and half are musicians/performers. They're the crowd to whom I was referring.

It has nothing to do with acting per se, and I certainly wasn't referring to theatre. (I've done some theatre acting myself.) I was referring to celebrity, and the cult of celebrity, more than anything.
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#151417 - 03/27/06 06:21 AM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: DeLamar_J]
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Drugs should not be used as a cure all, however chemical imbalances are a reality. The largest problem is misdiagnosis, people can manipulate the system.
What I would ask is this-"what does Tome Cruise know about being pregnant?", and "does being a scientologist automatically make one an expert on psychotropic drugs and/or Psychiatry?". It is true though that Psychiatry and prescribing drugs is hit and miss. Being pregnant does alter hormone levels, the degree of significance is different for every women though. A good psychiatrist will examine practical applications rather than just dole out drugs.

#151418 - 03/27/06 07:32 PM Re: Actors what? [Re: TrojZyr]
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You have appeased me I figured as much, but I was taken aback in the moment.

#151419 - 03/30/06 01:00 AM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: DickSteele]
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I really hate his whole crusade against ritalin. I have pretty severe ADD and its hard to finish a thought or carry a conversation more often than not, its a shitty way to live and I dont blame people who get ritalin. I dont get high off it at all even though its technically speed.
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#151420 - 03/30/06 06:43 AM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: DeLamar_J]
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Tom Cruise is a babbling fool. He has confirmed it by speaking about that which he obviously knows nothing about.
Chemical disorders can be treated by medications and in some cases, medication is the only fix. Unfortunately, these imbalances are not detectable by blood testing. The physician will generally start the patient on a mild form of whatever medication and then treat the symptoms from there. I have seen first hand the benefit of medicating people for their phycological issues. It can make a world of difference. Having said that, there are physicians that jump the gun on prescribing the fix all pill without getting to know the patient. These are the doctors that are in it for the kickbacks from the drug companies for meeting quota on the new fix all pill. Sadly, there are alot of people that are caught in this type of scheme. Sometimes counseling will help instead of medicating, but that is something that the doctor and patient should decide.


#151421 - 04/07/06 04:37 PM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: DeLamar_J]
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Aside from the many amounts of bad press about Scientology and Tom Cruise (I think that speaks for itself). I disagree about automatically calling someone "weak" for being treated for an illness. I'm sure there are many people that are prescribed anti-depressants that should not be. Although, if someone has a serious depression problem that is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, science is the best way to go! Some people simply cannot function at all if they do not get proper medical help. The same goes for any condition.

#151422 - 04/07/06 09:44 PM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: WolfMoon]
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"Although, if someone has a serious depression problem that is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, science is the best way to go! "

Depression sometimes means that a person's physiochemistry is much lower than what has been determined as a baseline.

Chronic pain burns through and depletes neurotransmitters and causes more pain.

In keeping with your post, it is when people have an actual problem they refuse to treat that they get what's coming to them.

#151423 - 04/07/06 11:59 PM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: DeLamar_J]
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As someone who is studying Psychology, I am going to dip my feet into this.

Tom Cruise is a moron.

I am not an expert, but I know enough from studying and personal experience that he has no idea what he is talking about.

Chemical imbalance doesn't exist? Does he know what a neurotransmitter is? Does he know what proteins are?

Neuroscience lesson FYI:
Human behaviour is just as easily influenced as any phenotypical trait of the human body (eye colour, skin tone, et cetera). Each neurotransmitter is made by certain proteins which are coded by RNA wich are in turn coded by DNA. When you have a flaw in the DNA which prevents said protein from being produced (or enviromental changes, diet, gene inactivation...) You have a chemical imbalance. Saying you don't need drugs or psychology/psychiatry/neuroscience/cognitive science to fix such a problem is like saying you don't need oil to keep your car running smoothly. Sure it will work for a while, but you may get other problems. People with mental disorders that cause great amounts of stress usually end up developing ulcers, heart problems and other mental issues such as Anxiety panic disorder.

Most medications today are designed, bot to replace lost nurotransmitters (that would be tough) but to tell the terminal buttons -located at the synapse of two neurons(brain cells)- weather or not to reuptake said transmitters as quicker or slower.

Problems may occure because said person may have more than one chemical imbalance but only one problem is noticed, or they diagnosed the wrong neurotransmitter as being imbalanced (getting the correct one by just looking at a person is nearly impossible). There can be up to 5 neurotransmitters that cause the same behaviour. Try looking up how many endorphines exist.

#151424 - 04/08/06 02:04 PM Daark's Law [Re: Quaark]
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Ever notice that any discussion of any kind has a gravity-like tendency to eventually morph into a discussion of "who I'd like to do"?

If I may be so presumptuous (and indeed I may)...

Daark's Law

"As any discussion of any kind grows longer, the probability of it morphing into a discussion of 'who I'd like to do' approaches one."

...oh, and, um... Tom Cruise is a Nazi!

Edit: Modified to apply universal scope, as originally expressed by Professor Daark.

Edited by Majic (04/08/06 08:10 PM)
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#151425 - 04/08/06 02:49 PM Re: Good Tom Cruise interview [Re: DeLamar_J]
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Tom needs electroshock. It'd likely make him a better actor. Or at least make him an actor at all. Fame and fortune doesn't equate with right thinking, or accurate knowledge. He is a scientologist, after all...
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