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#151581 - 03/18/06 10:45 AM Re: Membership Has Its Privileges [Re: Catalyst]
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personally i believe giving $200 to those who not only share the same beliefs as you but also brought "hell to earth" is one of the best ways i could spend that type of money. my only problem is im unemployed and my room mate is barely keepin up with the bills so now the question lies in "where the hell am i gonna get $200?" maybe ill go find someone to scam out of that kind of money. its worked before

Your comments have reminded me of this handy ritual written by Magister Rose. You may need to alter the ritual slighty to fit your situation, but you are obviously smart enough to figure that out. I am sure that it will help you in your endeavors.

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#151582 - 03/18/06 02:24 PM Re: Membership Has Its Privileges [Re: Hixem]
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The question of why I joined the Church is terribly easy to answer.

Why does anyone affiliate with any organization? It is usually because they agree their goals and share their ideals. That is why I joined the CoS.

As for the money, it never bothered me. How useful is it to agree with an organization if one does not in some way help to support it? My $200 was a token of respect and a show of support. It's not at all complicated.

#151583 - 03/18/06 03:23 PM Think about it. [Re: Hixem]
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The information I have gathered from communicating on these forums and in the Members only Special Interest Groups(SIGs) is invaluable(and by invaluable I mean it is highly likely it will save my life in a very long term future and overwhelmingly benefit my power status).

Satanism is not just some fucking fan club. It is the way WE LIVE. The people I have built personal relationships with on these forums are some of the finest people I have ever known. I may even have the privilege of meeting a few of them someday. Maybe someday when you figure it out(on your own) you might gain their respect as well.

This is not a non-profit organization(and nor is any other church in the world claiming to be). Do you think is it cheap to host web pages for the thousands of visitors that come to this lair? How much time do you think admins spend answering all the emails they get from members, inquirers, and crazy religious activists? These people need to make a living too somehow.

200 dollars is a fair amount of money. Fair enough to make sure you understand that you are making a serious decision in your life. Being a Satanist means cutting and gutting the roots of any other religion you have ever participated in(with the exception of the Vampires and any other religions that do not conflict it). The change that I went through after becoming a Satanist was one of the most dramatic transitions in my life. I stopped feeling sorry for starving children in Ethiopia and the thousands of helpless people dying of cancer(to which I am still trying to find a cure for anyway to benefit myself in the future). I started focusing more on my life and my own God self. I have turned my back on my white-light family and do not even celebrate Christmas with them any longer. That doesn’t mean you will go through a change similar to mine, I just am that serious about my religion. Life has become no laughing matter to me. I feel I am dying every day and all I want to do is survive(and am attempting that in very serious scientific ways). Of course there is the occasions I go out with friends and family and enjoy myself. The other aspect of my change is that I learned to enjoy my life more, just not to the point where it interferes with my survival or my brain cells(I don’t like to drink). In survival of the fittest, the fittest will dominate. Who’s side do you think is going to be fittest?

Hail Satan!
"Satanists are epicurean, skeptical atheists who see Satan as a symbol of pride, individualism, and the quality of questioning all dogmas. The word in Hebrew means 'adversary' and so we are each 'Satans' to the doctrines that would have people use faith instead of reason to understand the universe in which we live. Our goal is to enjoy this, the only life we have and not waste it in anticipation of a mythical afterlife or an imagined apocalypse." - News 31 May, XLI A.S. in Reguards to The Satanic High Mass that happened on 6/6/6

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#151584 - 03/18/06 03:25 PM Easy to answer. [Re: Hixem]
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If you don't now know the benefit, no one will ever be able to "convince" you that there is any.

#151585 - 03/18/06 03:26 PM Re: While you're at it... [Re: LKRice]
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Post your required introduction. The 7-day grace period is almost up.

Was this directed at me?

#151586 - 03/18/06 03:30 PM Re: Membership Has Its Privileges [Re: Hixem]
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It's a matter of stratification.

There are many benefits for the worthy.

There are doings that even most CoS members don't get to hear of. And cerainly not anyone else.

Which is actually quite wise. I tell you, It'd make your toes curl.

For those in the know, life is one long party.

What do you bring to the table that qualifies you for the spoils?

Human beings are as significant as a cigarette burn in the sun.

#151587 - 03/18/06 05:18 PM Re: Membership Has Its Privileges [Re: Hixem]
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Why have you joined, or chosen not to?

To answer this as a non-card owner.

Well, I own cards, and lots of them, 52 X 100.

Seriously. I have not joined, because I was the way I was before I read the SB, and I will be even if I did purchase the card, for whatever reason.

There is life, which I chose to live, and then there is not life.

Whatever the CoS "offers", is something I can obtain on my own, if I so choose.

Whether I have the opportunity to do "it" with Magis [insert], is another story for another time.

I may, or I may not have a chance to meet Svengali, however, I may, and it won't be because I have a card.

Now, to clear up my choices in these regards.

I'm not putting down the card.

I'm merely saying that life is, or isn't, and a card won't change that. I am who I am, and have always been, and a card won't change that either.

With this wisdom at hand, I've decided that "IAM" and I am a Satanist, regardless of affiliation.

My respect for the founder, if not staggering in any regard, because I do or do not send in donations, for a card, or just as a donation. The respect still is, no matter what.

And so life goes, without "that" red card, but hey, cards get boring to me, and make my wallet a hassle to sit on!
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#151588 - 03/18/06 05:45 PM Re: While you're at it... [Re: Hixem]
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No. I wasn't talking to you.
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#151589 - 03/18/06 06:17 PM Re: Membership Has Its Privileges [Re: Hixem]
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Then it is a token of respect to join The Church of Satan. Which is why I joined. I need no other "benefit" from The Church. It was and is my token of gratitude, respect, and admiration for those that put the time and effort into keeping The Church running.

Ditto for me.
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#151590 - 03/18/06 07:26 PM Re: Membership Has Its Privileges [Re: HellofallHells]
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Just join and find out. 200$ is not that much money anyway. You dont have to join to be a Satanist, just so you know. Maybey I should stop spending money at the emporium and send in my 200$. Buying from the emporium supports Satanism, so just go there, then you will get something.
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#151591 - 03/18/06 10:24 PM Re: Membership Has Its Privileges [Re: Hixem]
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LordDak said it best:


If the only reason you wish to join is for 'priviledges' then perhaps you shouldn't join. (Though I highly doubt that this will be the case.)

Membership in the Church is just like life - you only get out what you put in. I have been a member for just about a year now and only very recently have I been privileged to something not made available to the general public. If I am never 'privileged' again I will be perfectly fine with that because that is NOT why I joined.

I joined because I agreed with everything in The Satanic Bible and wished to give the devil his due. I joined more out of RESPECT for the Church and it's philosophies than anything else.

Hail Satan!
Hail the the Church of Satan!
Hail Satan!

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#151592 - 03/19/06 05:24 AM Re: Membership Has Its Privileges [Re: Poetaster]
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I wanted to throw my lot in with an organization that supports the things I support.

I'm also not a leech. Anton LaVey offered his wisdom and experience. I think it's only proper that I align myself with something I completely agree with, don't you? It's kind of like saying "thank you."

Exactly my feelings on the subject.


Besides, the CoS doesn't ask for your money, you offer it; so the question of benefits shouldn't even be a question.

people seem to actually forget this. Check out the CoS website. See? There isn't anything stopping you reading any of it's articles and literature. Nothing stopping you from reading any new material posted on there, no 'locked off' members-only section, no subscription fee to exclusive articles or whatever...

#151593 - 03/19/06 05:45 AM Re: Membership Has Its Privileges [Re: Hixem]
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I have not joined the church but I may apply to do so in the future. The fee of $200 is not a lot to officially confirm and show your support for a philisophy/way of life that you truly believe in and can relate to.

I wouldn't expect any fringe benefits from acquiring a card, the money I paid would be a show of support and thanks for everything the teachings and writings of Anton Lavey has given me in my life.

I would not expect a 10% discount at my local occult bookshop or a glossy 8 x 10 of Anton Lavey grinning with his thumbs up !

I have met members and non members alike and the subject of membership was never really much of an issue, as we are all individualists why should it be ?
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#151594 - 03/19/06 09:58 AM Re: Membership Has Its Privileges [Re: Hixem]
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I have been hesitant to join the Church of Satan. I’m not sure how a $200 red card will benefit me.

I like little red cards. They project the illusion of speediness.

The $200 registration fee is not even worth mentioning. I’m surprised by how often it is brought up as a focal point. I’ll spend that little on a single evening’s entertainment. If the registration fee provides stamps, post-its, ink cartridges, and paper for an administrator to use, than it’s all for the better. I don’t care for what purpose the organization uses the fee. Hell, I hope the Magistra orders some pizza with it.


The Grotto System, as I understand it, is being phased out by the Church

The Grottos are irrelevant to me. I have never needed a Grotto before, why would I need one now? Do you feel that you need the Church’s approval to start a private Satanic group? As long as said group does not identify itself as “Church Approved,” I fail to see a problem.


My question is what led members of the Church to join, and how membership has had its privileges

As it has been stated many, many, many, many, many, many times before, membership in any org is simply a matter of throwing your hat into the ring with others of the same ilk. One of the professional associations that I belong to requires an annual renewal which is quite a bit more expensive than the Church’s one-time registration fee. What are the benefits of belonging to that association? Well, I get a little membership card and the occasional journal. The other benefits are not readily apparent, yet they do exist.

Where membership privileges are concerned, I seriously doubt that any organization can provide any privilege beyond what I can attain on my own. My life is my own to live. I will not pine away wishing for some secret privilege or unholy beanie-cap* to be bestowed on me. For those that spend copious amounts of time pondering Satanic privilege, that time would better be spent on attaining tangible success in this life. No portion of a being’s life should focus on what privileges might be bestowed for two-hundred dollars.

*The only exception that I make regarding the bestowal of an unholy beanie-cap is the one that is issued at the supremely secret and mega-elite All Hallows Eve Ultra-Satanic Xtreme-Violent-Chainsaw-Orgy-and-Square-Dance Shindig™ which is held at the annual Lost Order of Satanic Equilibrium Retreat (or LOSER for short). Now that’s a beanie-cap worth striving for… Just be sure to wash it thoroughly after the shindig is over; I’ve heard that it can get kind of sticky.
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#151595 - 03/19/06 10:39 AM It's not the card!!!!! [Re: Hixem]
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I’m not sure how a $200 red card will benefit me.

For some reason, some people keep believing $200 is the price of a card. You are not paying for the red paper rectangle, you are paying for your registration into an organization. A life-long membership and you anly have to pay for it once!

When a person graduates from a career, he receives a diploma, right? But that doesn't mean all the money his parents spent in his education since he was a kid went to pay the paper where this diploma is printed.


Furthermore, only one physical “Church” exists, advocating and representing Satanic philosophy and values.

I don't understand what you mean by "only one". How many Churches do you need to join at the same time?
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