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I have read what it says in the Satanic Bible regarding the hebrew around the Baphomet, spelling out Leviathan.
I am aware this leviathan was a serpent which has many names the world over.
My question/ What is the Church of Satans meaning of the hebraic around the goats head?

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>> What is the Church of Satans meaning <<

The Baphomet actually depicts a number of aspects which are symbolic.

In the case of Leviathan what we see depicted is the God of the watery abyss. Which also represents the area of emotion and the psyche - the deeper and darker areas of the human mind - which is the source of magic and the powers of man that remain hidden to many.
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Leviathan is a double-sided figure, representing the enemy of god, rampant elementalism, and (according to Hebraic text) the free innocence of being animal. Altogether, Leviathan might be seen as nature itself, unstoppable, all-encompassing, frightening in its power and eternal, yet carefree and happy as it is not hampered by the petty problems of man.

Leviathan as a mythological figure is extraordinarily well suited to use as a Satanic archetype, as all the different and seemingly incompatable sides are brought together, made compatable, and are fundamentally compatable with Satanic philosophy. is odd that you name yourself after Jormungander and "XIII" as I have named myself after Leviathan and the same number, and we now discuss Leviathan.

Also, you must make your introductory post. I do not see one, and it is required (and well overdue). You ought to post one before our leniency wears thin...
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