First of all, my thanks to Magister Ventrue for granting me permission to post this.

I'm excited to announce that my fiancée (LttD Name: Aleuranthropy) and I will be in the Art Show at Convergence XII, which will be going on in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Easter weekend (April 13th – 16th). I'll have some of my newer pieces in this (including Arousal of Secrets, which appeared on the cover of The Ghost #4), and Aleuranthropy will be showcasing some of her latest photography.

Basically, Convergence XII is a big Goth-themed convention, featuring art, fashion, music, and vendors with "Gothic" appeal. I'm especially excited about some of the performances, which is to include Rasputina, Bella Morte, Voltaire, and more. We're also looking forward to perusing the fine selection at the After Dark Jewelry booth!

So, if you're in the NOLA area, I highly recommend you swing by and check this out. Hope to see some of you there!

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