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#15401 - 11/11/03 12:02 PM Re: A different approach... [Re: Maverick]
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Apparently everything has to be spelled out to you.

Sarracenia is correct, on all accounts.

This is a totalitarian message board. There is nothing resembling the First Constitutional Amendment in effect here. If Reverend Ventrue simply does not care for what you have to say, regardless of its responsibility or even its correctness, he can and will delete it, no questions asked. You do not have anything vaguely resembling freedom of speech on his message board. There are no rights, only privileges, when in the domain of another. Stalinist? You bet.

Unless next your gonna tell me satanist go beyond human nature.

Don't we now? If nothing separates Satanists from humanity at large, then there is no distinction. Humans are steeped in hubris and stupidity, and generally behave in reactionary fashion. That's human nature. Satanists refuse to do so. That's Satanic nature.

And contrary to popular belief a person is not born anything. They are born with inclinations but even those can be molded by environment (the whole john locke rights of man business).

Bullshit. I was born male, born white, born blonde, and born Satanist. You read correctly, I view Satanism as an intrinsic part of who I am, undeniable as my maleness or blondeness. Its just that way. "Satanists are born, not made." - Anton LaVey. If you disagree with his assessment, what then leads you to believe that you are among those he refers to?

And a i don't give a shit additude about anything or anyone does not a satanist make.

You are correct about this, carelessness is anti-Satanic. However, what does this have to do with Sarracenia's statements? She didn't say anything to imply carelessness, though clearly you imply carelessness in regards to the nature of this forum. It is private property, a dictatorship. If you find it fit to continually argue with everyone present, you will likely find out just how totalitarian it can be.
"The devil I'll bring you," answered Hagen. "I have enough to carry with my shield and breastplate; my helm is bright, the sword is in my hand, therefore I bring you naught."

#15402 - 11/11/03 03:26 PM Re: A different approach... [Re: Maverick]

I see, but I feel you could have went about it another way than just attcking my idea. Let me first, hand you a rock, and secondly, clarify my defensive behavior for you.

Not once did I state that my idea was the best thing ever. I simply agreed with others that it would not be a good idea to have a grievance forum. I stated an idea of an alternate way of having people come here and whine and cry about shit since it is already so overwhelming. I do see the advantage of MoonJade's idea, but in no way did I make an attempt to badger it. I even stated that "Maybe someone can come up with someway to change it and make it work." Sarracenia even stated that something similar had been in place a few months back. If I would have known about it I would have never posted such an apparently ridiculous idea that you saw fit to tear apart every way you could.

Out of everyone here who has posted and said that this was a bad idea, you picked my post to act like an ass on. I do not post a bunch of shit just to increase the number of posts that I have just because I am dissatisfied with being a 'stranger'. As I have stated before I only post on topics that I feel are relevant for my opinion or statement. In this case I was simply making a small suggestion to what seems to me to be a very simple problem. If you feel apparently so minute as a 'stranger', and just have to do whatever you can to acquire posts to reach the next title, NOT attacking a simple idea next time would be a good start.

Might I suggest you read up on these two topics that Svengali shared with everyone almost a month ago.

Constructing a Logical Argument

Logic & Fallacies

I would also like to suggest reading the attachment as to maybe learn something from someone else. I already know it is not well written in any way so do not make some massive attempt to ridicule it. It is a paper that I shared with people in my class that I felt could learn something from it just like I feel you can.

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#15403 - 11/11/03 07:26 PM Re: A different approach...
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I do see the advantage of MoonJade's idea, but in no way did I make an attempt to badger it.

One can disagree and share their own opinion concerning ideas all they like, but I personally place a wall up between myself and anyone who feels the need to attack the person instead of the idea. That doesn't get anyone anywhere.
You certainly didn't "badger" my suggestion, but I would not have blinked an eye even if you did, as long as you remained mature and did not attack me.
Time is precious, and I have no spare minutes to waste on the insecure or the "I need to be an asshole to prove my Satanic nature" type.
Thought I'd throw that in there.

#15404 - 11/11/03 08:56 PM Re: A different approach... [Re: BurningJayde]

When I put even the smallest thought into an idea, it took time, and when an individual feels that they have the right to discect and twist my idea, I take it personal. Good point, and I do see where you are comming from. My idea may not have been good at all, but in no way do I feel it deserved to be treated as a 'christian'

#15405 - 11/12/03 01:13 AM Re: A different approach...

I've tried to move objects with my mind for some years. I read in the Satanic Bible that the energy required to move an object it's enough energy to influence someone else mind staying at the other side of the earth. Maybe, if I stop going here, the posts will be different.

#15406 - 11/12/03 08:08 AM A thought... [Re: BurningJayde]
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Would you come into someone's house and in front of hundreds of strangers, pull your pants down and say, "What can I do about this rash?"

That is, in effect, what these whiners are doing.

"Civilization is the precarious labor and luxury of a minority; the basic masses of mankind hardly change from millennium to millennium." - Will Durant


#15408 - 11/12/03 10:40 AM Re: Good Idea!!! [Re: ]
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Then those of us with more productive things to discuss can know exactally wich thread to ignore all together!!!!!

Yes! The forum could be labeled WHINE HERE with the sub-title of "Discussion related to you being a failure." Then the forum would work so, that very thread posted there would be deleted automatically in 10 minutes.
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#15409 - 11/12/03 03:21 PM Re: A thought... [Re: Sarracenia]
BurningJayde Offline

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Would I? No, absolutely not. But are these other people coming into Reverend Ventrue's "living room" and doing it? Yes, they are.
If you didn't notice, I'm not pushing this idea all that hard (Magister Rose raised valid points on the matter). I left it here as a suggestion for the board moderators, as they are the ones who will ultimately decide.
Either way, I'm not losing any sleep over it I will simply have to work harder to filter the whiner's drivel out myself.

#15410 - 11/12/03 08:39 PM Re: A different approach...
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Ok Vagabond, that was my bad. Actually I didn't intend to target your post to attack, after rereading what I had wrote I can see how the beginning does address your idea. You have to understand my aggrivation with your suggestion. It is similar to immagrants entering the U.S. we were allowed to enter with out that standard. It is IMHO at tad selfish to set a stiffer standard once we were allowed in just because we signed up. That was why I came accross the way I did. As far as my stranger and newbie comment.... I have no problem being a stranger. in a month and a half I have posted less than ten posts and half of what I have posted was on this thread. My newbie comment was actually in relation to a conversation I had with a friend of mine about people posting just to post and increase thier numbers. Which also was not related to you. I don't pay attention to peoples status.
I have read those webpages and personally have several resources about Logical constructs and fallacies. I'm not really sure how they apply since I didn't attempt to use a logical construct to prove any point. But I do appreciate you taking the time to point them out none the less.
Also upon further investigation I realize the mistake I made it attempting to defend ones right to a forum for grievences/questions/whatever. I had mistaken your name for one I saw on a thread about living with an unsatanic wife or something. while you posted on it you didn't start it. The individual had legitamate concerns and questions and many attempted to help. but that was my mistake thinking that was you..... my apologies on that.

Every second is another chance to try again!

Education is Expensive..... Ignorance is more Expensive!!!

#15411 - 12/08/03 06:39 PM Re: A different approach...
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Maybe, if I stop going here, the posts will be different.

Sounds like an interesting hypothesis! In the name of science, please test it!
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."
-Carl Sagan

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