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#159783 - 05/03/06 06:28 AM Re: Xian reletions [Re: MaliciousSeraph]
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NO! I would never marry someone if she was not a Satanist. I do, however, enjoy sleeping with lots of other religious, as I find it amusing to watch someone so "righteous" do what many other RHP religions would consider to be wrong, degrading, and immoral
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#159784 - 06/11/06 07:58 AM Re: Xian relations [Re: MaliciousSeraph]
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I have been with my partner for nearly two years now and for as long as I have known him he has been a Pagan. He doesn't believe all the aspects of his religion, except Val Halla, the Viking afterlife. He told me he liked the idea of it and wanted to believe it.

My first reaction was to discuss why he chose to believe in something so illogical and his answer was the simple fact that he wanted something to be there.

I have made it clear to him that he cannot make me understand his reasoning. But as long as he doesn't shove it down my throat I don't have a problem with him as a person. I wouldn't be with him now if I didn't like the person and the religion he chooses to believe in doesn't affect our lives in any way; it's a personal thing and he doesn't let it get in the way of our relationship.

Although I wouldn't date a Christian for anyone or anything. They just annoy me, plain and simple.
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#159785 - 06/11/06 09:05 AM Re: Xian relations [Re: darkangel1210]
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Hmmm... I'm also interested in Norse mythology, but I realized that those things are not to be taken literally. The folks who 'invented' the myths didn't knew that those myths are coming from a deeper place inside ones own mind/psyche. They are like dreams. Collective dreams. The vikings took them literally (I guess). Any way, not all people are mentally strong as Nietzsche for example. His Thor-like might and strength was shown by the honoreable and respectable way in which he died. People need myths.
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#159786 - 06/11/06 10:41 AM Re: Xian relations [Re: dragondancer]
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I read a number of the replies to this- and this brings up a question because the women appear to be saying no and the men say doesnot matter , for the most part. Do you think that the difference might in part be psychological in addition to theological?
I am taking a couple of factors into consideration here.
-That it takes a special type of man to deal with a strong willed woman in the first place.
-That this may , in someways , prove a greater challenge for Xtian men because they have been told all of their lives to rule over women. That they ae entitled.That the charm maybe superficial and short termed in this instance.
-That what makes our Satanic brothers more attractive is that they work at it-including Lesser Magic. That practice done long enough has to be second nature. That we all recognize the differences between men and women psychologically as well as physically. It has to be a turn on NOT to make the journey from being considered stupid (and easily tricked) - to being allowed to start from capable and relaxed enough to do a little Lesser magic of your own, situation dependent both parties.

I have male friends , one of whom recently told me that I was easy to be around.When I asked him why-the response was that I wasn't trying to change him. If I wanted a project, I would build end tables to go with my coffee table...I neither want to change someone else or have them attempt to change me. I will be interested in the responses.

So the question is , and I mean it, mostly for the other women,though the men's viewpoint is also welcome- Do you think that the application of the philosophy might be what is making the gents here more appealing in theory and practice? Why or why not.

#159787 - 06/11/06 02:18 PM Re: Xian relations [Re: MaliciousSeraph]
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My bf is xian, and we get along just fine. When he first asked me what my religion was, I was trying to be sneaky, so as not to freak him out, because I thought he flip out and leave me, so I said I was a LaVeyian Atheist.

But I should known he knew what that was since he is majoring in theology, and his reaction was surprisingly good.

I asked him what he thought about it, and he said it was interesting, but it just wasn't for him, and he asked me, why am I not xian, and I said basically the same thing, and we have been good ever since.

I can even tell him about holidays, and other misc. stuff about Satanism, without him getting wierded out, so I think this whole xian vs. Satanist dating thing, is really just depends on who the person is.

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#159788 - 06/12/06 02:01 AM Re: Xian relations [Re: MaliciousSeraph]
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I have only one rule- I would never date a religious person. Ever.
I did try that once in a BDSM frame: I thought that making a religious man do blasphemous stuff for my entertainment would be nice.. but the truth is- those people are just so pathetic. I want somebody worthy of being with me…frankly.. (don't we all..?) and religious people (that is, that deeply worship one god) are not worthy… they are weak, they are slaves of pipe-dreams..
However, I must admit that some religious-Jewish women are too damn pretty for me to say no to… But that's a personal weakness =P
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#159789 - 06/12/06 02:13 AM Re: Xian relations [Re: Ares]
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I think this whole xian vs. Satanist dating thing, is really just depends on who the person is.

I couldn't agree more. I have dated and closely associated with xian women in the past, and they have been completely curious as to my beliefs and never once condemned me for them. However, there are some I've associated with that have turned away from me simply because they learned that I am a Satanist. I also believe it is based on the person rather than the belief.

#159790 - 06/12/06 03:19 AM Re: Xian relations [Re: Mr_47]
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The belief is based on the person that holds it… of course.. If you were born a doubter your belief would be more flexible. And it's that flexibility that is extremely valuable in partners.
There is no such thing as evolution - Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.

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