Last Fall I noticed when I was trying to make a post in the poetry section, I could not post it or even utilize any other interface tools (scrolling, editing, etc.). It just "froze." I couldn't even logout. I had to shut off my computer entirely. This also happened 2 other times last Fall and not just in the poetry section. It just now happened again for approximately 3-5 minutes while making a search. But, this time it "came back to life" without having to shut down the computer.

The "freezes" last Fall(October) happened on a 1999 Mac OS. This morning it happened on a Toshiba laptop(year not known but definitely made past 2003)

Also, I edited a poem more than 3 times and using an Instant Graemlin was difficult. I tried to use a but I replaced it with text. This happened last Fall as well on the 1999 Mac OS.

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