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#161087 - 05/05/06 02:01 AM Password Change
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On May 2nd I changed my password. Right after doing so, I logged in and I was successful. Later that day, I had to get a "tempy."

#161088 - 09/30/06 07:16 PM Re: Password Change [Re: Stev2]
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When I go in to edit something in my profile, the password box is literally filled with asterisks. I never know if this indicates that, somehow, my password has been changed. So, to be on the safe side, I re-enter my password every time. Gets a bit annoying.
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#161089 - 09/30/06 07:36 PM Re: Password Change [Re: DCLXVI]
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I know Daddy's password! While my brother-in-law was tapping away on his home computer, his ten-year-old daughter sneaked up behind him. Then she turned and ran into the kitchen, squealing to the rest of the family, "I know Daddy's password! I know Daddy's password!" "What is it? her sisters asked eagerly. Proudly she replied, "Asterisk, asterisk, asterisk, asterisk, asterisk!"

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#161090 - 09/30/06 10:41 PM Re: Password Change [Re: DCLXVI]
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Some password-protected features exhibit this behavior when they display your password in its encrypted format (as asterisks). I cannot speak for how this board operates, but this may be the case.

Still, I observed similarly weird behavior with the password features. After changing my initial, temporary password to a personally chosen one, logging out, and logging back in, I had to use my initial password one more time. Since changing my password the second time, it has not exhibited that weird behavoir again.

#161091 - 10/01/06 12:32 AM Re: Password Change [Re: Stev2]
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I am not sure if it is simply a common occurence, however I experience the same thing. I have a form fill program that automatically fills in certain information so I am not sure if it is mistaking my password line for an address form or what. I usually just re-enter my password everytime I enter the "My Home" section.

#161092 - 10/01/06 01:46 PM Re: Password Change [Re: DCLXVI]
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The reason the field is entirely filled with asterisks is to mask the length of your password. If you only have a six digit password, just viewing the "change password" field will not even reveal that much. It's a security feature.
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