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#161224 - 05/05/06 04:07 PM Importance of Ritual Magic in Satanism
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I've been drawn to Satanism by the underlying philosophy. It's delightfully simple yet full of more complex intricacies. There is only one aspect of Satanism that gives me pause and that's the practice of ritual magic. I don't believe in the practice of ritual magic for various reasons which I'd only discuss privately with a ranking member of the church. On to the question. Is ritual magic a required part of being a satanist, or is having the proper philosophical outlook all that's required? Will an unwillingness to engage in magic disqualify one from membership?

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As an Agent (public representative) of the Church of Satan, I am willing to respond to inquiries privately if that is your preference; or you may contact administration via the email provided on the Church of Satan homepage to request a different Agent be put in contact with you.
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You can certainly become a member and fail to explore some of the Satanic tools and perspectives that could prove powerful and aid you in achieving success in life - such as Greater Magic.

But beware. You might then cross that line someday when no one is looking or listening and then discover what you have been missing.

Once so touched, if you are truly a Satanist you may very well find yourself using what works even if hordes of others would laugh at you should they know what you are doing!

Remember, "He who laughs last..."

Here are two brief quotes that I feel are worth contemplating:

"Ritualizing is an integral part of every Satanist's life. It's an essential release. The more rational and disciplined you are, the more you need to exercise your demonic. That's where Satanic Power comes from -- the full use of both extremes, both polarities. In the world above, exercise your mind -- question all things. Then, isolated from the eyes of outsiders, work yourself into a highly-charged emotional state. And I use that phrase literally, knowing the biolelectrical nature of our bodies."


"It's a balance of action and ritual that you learn as you grow and fine-tune your power. When you first start ritualizing, you may need mostly action and a little magical superimposition of elements to ensure success. As you become more advanced, and hone your magical skills, you will find a tool that works best for you. You'll get to the point of just aligning certain crucial elements to get overwhelming results, keys to instigate your form of 'Cosmic Super- imposition' as Wilhelm Reich would call it. Like a skilled alchemist, you'll discover your own formularies."

-Anton Lavey, The Church of Satan, pages 96 and 97.


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