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[contents deleted]

What do you think about Zeena and this "Biography of Thruths"?

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I think that perpetuating this slanderous content on a message board for Satanists is pointless, shit-disturbing, and a tad suspect. Rather than allow a possibly provocative post to instigate needless argument, I have deleted its contents.
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Real? Fake? It's all irrelevant.

Satanism is what it is, regardless of what detractors might say about the founder.

But, I would recommend that you consider the source.

Besides, even if everything Dr. LaVey ever said was a lie, does it matter? Because if what he said resonated with you, and it's how you are naturally (a Satanist), then it hardly matters if he told a few fibs.

Personally, I think it's all a crock of shit, cooked up by some malcontents trying to besmirch Dr. LaVey's good name. Why? Because that's what malcontents do.

Spend less time worrying about what if's and maybe's, and more time contemplating the is.

That's my take on this whole topic, which has been beat to death I might add.

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Its all pointless. Who cares either way.
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>>But, I would recommend that you consider the source.

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You also need to look at when this was released ... after his death, why? because he is not around to prove or say otherwise! Everyone who releases things like these did it after his death because they knew they could get away with it and have it look like they are telling the truth because the man cannot defend himself since he is gone.

You should always trust what you see in a person not what someone says about a person. What Dr. LaVey has done in his life has been clearly documented and even supported by the same people who are bashing him now, Dr. LaVey's story never changed, only their version of it did after he died and is no longer there to point out the lies.

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Whether or not LaVey may have lied about certain things in his past is irrelevant. I seriously doubt that Zeena's testimony is correct but that is not the point. Anton LaVey's words and works have been an inspiration for me. That is all that matters.


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