In September of 2005 I ordered The Beast. I became the proud owner of #632 of 1000. The watch worked brilliantly and definitely caught the eye of any around me. It is not just a timepiece, it is a masterpiece.

Then, in March, the battery died. So I had the battery replaced and it's never been the same since. The chronograph is now the only thing that works, the hour/minute/second hands do not move at all. Needless to say, I was disappointed and disgruntled, but it was still under warrantee, so I contacted Tempus Genevois, as per the instructions in the owner's manual.

Their response was immediate. They apologized profusely and said they would send me a new watch, as well as instructions for returning the old one.

I am beyond impressed with TG. Their product is beautiful and this type of action in dealing with problems is outstanding. They didn't give me the run-around or tell me they couldn't do it. I was well prepared to prove when I had purchased it and how. I'm used to having to wrestle with every customer service issue I have. This was not the case with TG.

The people at TG are polite and very responsive to customers' issues, which is why I'm posting this thread. I understand that mistakes happen and that I probably got one bad watch out of a thousand, it happens. It was the Impeccable customer service and response that impressed me. If you ever have the opportunity to do business with Tempus Genevois, I highly recommend you do. The company is responsible and stands behind its product 100%.

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