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#171287 - 06/19/06 06:22 AM Re: Bashing other religions [Re: WolfMoon]
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Those people only need to ask themselves but one question: Does this in any way improve the condition of my life or does it have other positive effects?

In my opinion it has no positive effects whatsoever and, although I do enjoy good discussions about religion, I know there is nothing to be gained to constantly tell them they are wrong or try to convince them you are right for that matter. I consider that solipism of the highest form.

They will never understand me and I will never understand them and sometimes it's best to leave it at that as long as they do not interfere with my personal life.
'satanists' who feel the compulsive urge to bash other religions whilst contributing nothing to their own lives or that of their loved ones are just as bad as the people they 'hate'.

There is, obviously, a thing to be said for opening the eyes of others through what you create be it a well written article or another work of art. A good piece of work will always open more minds than bashing which leads to nothing but a waste of energy.

#171288 - 06/19/06 06:48 AM Compulsion [Re: Grima]
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I agree with you Grima.

There is no importance at all to "feed the inside beast with hate" towards christians for example.

Well now, I know that I'm saying this living in a liberal country, so they truly don't exist for me, they just follow their religions without yelling the name of Jesus in the street.

I think that the people in need to bash christianity all the time for example, are people making a "transfer of hate" : this religion could represent the symbol of their forced education by their parents, etc...

It is compulsion.

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#171289 - 06/19/06 11:05 AM Re: Bashing other religions [Re: WolfMoon]
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I would recomend a Black Mass in which the absolute highest expression of the herd is ceremonially dethroned and crushed into the ground.
What better way to remove those unwanted influences?
�Love is one of the most intense feelings felt by man; another is hate. Forcing yourself to feel indiscriminate love is very unnatural. If you try to love everyone you only lessen your feelings for those who deserve your love. Repressed hatred can lead to many physical and emotional aliments. By learning to release your hatred towards those who deserve it, you cleanse yourself of these malignant emotions and need not take your pent-up hatred out on your loved ones.�
Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible

#171290 - 06/19/06 07:29 PM Re: Bashing other religions [Re: Lust]
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A black mass would serve this purpose very well. It has been many years since I myself have taken part in one. But these days I feel no need to.

#171291 - 06/20/06 01:10 AM Re: Compulsion [Re: Assabrah]
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I think that the people in need to bash christianity all the time for example, are people making a "transfer of hate" : this religion could represent the symbol of their forced education by their parents, etc...

The christian religion has certainly played a negative role in my youth but I simply did not want to do anything with them anymore. I learned from an early age that it is not the group but always the individuals you need to take care of.
Take care of the individual, the one that really bothers you, get it over with and you can get on with your life.

It is indeed compulsive behaviour and frustrates their own happiness although they cannot see it. Those that continue on this path are simply not worth the effort, let them hate if they think that improves their quality of life. We know better although it sometimes annoys me that they dare call themselves satanists since I believe a true Satanist does not simply say a religion is wrong but has the knowledge and expertise to back up his claims.
But I digress, I think a lot of people have made some excellent points here already.

#171292 - 06/20/06 07:17 AM Re: Compulsion [Re: Grima]
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There is only one religion which I truly despise, even though I am not exactly on the same side as the rest of them, either. This religion is Pagan, or more specifically, Wiccan. Every time I think about them I picture them running naked through the woods doused in "magical" oils and calling fireflies "fairies" like a herd of babbling idiots.
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#171294 - 06/20/06 08:12 AM Re: Compulsion [Re: Quaark]
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She moved: I miss her cleavage.

Call me shallow.

Hi Shallow!
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#171295 - 06/20/06 08:37 AM Re: Bashing other religions [Re: tovasshi]
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I never really got the whole hating a religion thing. As a matter of fact, I love religions.

I am one who loves different cultures and a lot of different cultures were infuenced by religion. I like reading the mythology behind many religions and discussing the philosophy with others.

What I don't like is hard-core religious people. People who have no identity other than their religion. People who can't make any choices in life without opening a religious text. People who claim the book they read is better than any other book. People who bash other religions because they have nothing else better to talk about than how more correct they are then others.

I laugh at these " so-called" Satanists becuase they are acting the same way these religious people are. They are advertising their religion as their main identity. They claim that the books they read are better than any book around (The Satanic Witch is a great book and all, but I would rather curl up to Federik Pohl). You often see these kinds doing book reviews on books that have to do with their religion to people of said religion who have more than likely have read said book. The people have to sit and think about their choices being "Satanic" or not. Another thing they have in common is most of them more than likely didn't read the entire book.

It boils down to these "so-called" being the exact same kind of people, they just wear a huge Baphomet instead of a giant cross.

"i hate x-tians cuz they push ther religion in every 1s faces!!11!1one!11 HAIL SATIN 666 - signed Satans_Whore_Boodlove6666QT4U"

Pot. Kettle

So basically you don't make the distinction between common sense realism, supernatural revelation, and pop fiction as long as it satisfies some random need.

The main reason bashing religions is discouraged is because there are more interesting things to talk about. Too many people attempt to side up with Satanism in reaction to some other religion and just won't shut up about it. And some people wrongly assume that bashing other religions is ALL Satanism is about.

Supernatural religions deserve to be bashed for encouraging epidemic glorification of irrationality, and for devaluing this world in favor of some non-existent afterlife.

They all claim to be "special" based on some non-existent supernatural sanction.

Satanism teaches that people are exceptional by virtue of their abilities.

Once again, for the millionth time, 99% of the losers you encounter here and elswhere claiming to be "satanic" or "elite" aren't.

Satanism is a "put up or shut up" philosophy.

As Magister Rose says, "Empty cans rattle the loudest."

........ but don't make the mistake of equating Satanism with other religions.
Live and Let Die.
"If I have to choose between defending the wolf or the dog, I choose the wolf, especially when he is bleeding." -- Jaques Verges
"I may have my faults, but being wrong ain't one of them." -- Jimmy Hoffa
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"Satanism is the worship of life, not a hypocritical, whitewashed vision of life, but life as it really is." -- Anton Szandor LaVey
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#171296 - 06/20/06 03:06 PM Re: Bashing other religions [Re: Grima]
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Wonderfully stated!
Just let me add that this also can lead to counter-productive argumentation, and is akin to proselytizing.
Every man has to seek in his own way
to make his own self more noble
and to realize his own true worth.

Albert Schweitzer

They're persecuting what they can't stand to look at in themselves--the truth.

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#171297 - 06/20/06 07:21 PM Re: Bashing other religions [Re: WolfMoon]
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Right, and don't forget the kids that like to wear all black and stare down old ladies at the mall. Then, they come up and talk to me for some reason, they say, "nobody's my friend because I'm so elite and they're intimidated." The two seem related, they usually grow from being obsessed with christianity or wicca or some other rhp religion that they're the "arch nemesis" of. Then, somebody whose opinion they'll actually listen to, i.e. somebody at a heavy metal concert or on this or some other satanic site tell them to let the horse rest in peace. So then, they become obsessed with how elite they are because they could afford the seven dollars or whatever it is now for the Satanic Bible. At this point they're completely gone, because no matter who tells them to shut the f up, their interpretation will be "They're just intimidated because they're not as elite as I am." Truly, a legend in their own minds. All hail Napoleon Dynamite's evil twin.
Ave Satanas

#171298 - 06/20/06 07:31 PM After awhile... [Re: WolfMoon]
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After awhile you get completely tired of being critical of the antics of children.

You simply decide to either let them grow up or drop dead.

Sometimes both.

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