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#171847 - 06/21/06 11:28 AM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: The_Lightning]
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Interesting… now that you mention it- I can't hear people at all in my dreams… they don't talk to me, they use telepathy. But my visual perception is very detailed and colorful.

That is wierd, for me I can hear every word spoken in my vicinity. Sometimes I have dreams where I am speaking in different languages, even latin (or how I would pronounce words in latin now, not really knowing how to speak latin!) But the dream tells me it is latin. Sometimes, In my dreams I am reading or writing a great book, usually an occult book, I can see the refrences to spells and such, diagrams.. and I can make sense of them (to me in my dream). But unfortunetly I cannot remember wtf exactly I saw or said once my eyes open, even if the dream itself stays with me for the rest of the day.

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#171848 - 06/22/06 04:08 AM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: TriKster]
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I often have dreams where I am present in the middle of a large scale battle, they tend to be graphic and extremely violent but I am merely an observer. The participants in the battle are aware of me being there but do not attack me or try to goad me into attacking another.

I have also had dreams where I am present at various kinds of massacre or slaughter, usually on a large scale and very bloodthirsty. Again I am an observer, but when I awake I often feel a sense of guilt I have no idea why.

The point you make about dreams of this nature being very realistic is very true, but somewhere in my sub conscious I must still be aware that it is a dream because I do not react to the events in my dream as I would if the situation was in real life.
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#171849 - 06/22/06 05:50 PM Lucid time travel... [Re: The_Lightning]
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I was wondering, if perhaps Satanists have similar dreams?
I assume many Satanists had repetitive dreams about witch-hunts.. (Getting chased by beings that are out to exterminate you because you are different)…Is this assumption correct?

I have never had those types of dreams and I don't think that it's common for all Satanists to have them either. I do agree that there are "common" dreams that people have such as flying, falling and teeth coming out. I've had these dreams many times. I do pay close attention to my dreams because they are often very profound and most of the time my dreams affect my waking life. I don't however use the common dream interpretations to decipher them. I find that stuff to be purely superstition. Instead I try to figure out what they mean in my own way.

There were times that I had dreams that came to pass in my waking life. For instance, if I had a dream that I would hear from an old friend that I haven't heard from in years, he would call me the next day. I also had a dream a while back that I lost my purse and sure enough it happened the next day as well.

My most profound dream happened a few weeks ago. It was a lucid dream where I attempted to time travel. Although I feel I may have been succesful there is no way of me verifying it. Let me explain...

I have been practicing with lucid dreaming for a few months and developed a good technique. I usually have recurring dreams. I am training myself to recognize patterns in my dreams that I constantly see. Such as walking down a familiar street that is always in the dream or talking to someone I dream about alot. These patterns are "landmarks". I tell myself that if I see a familiar landmark I am dreaming...even if I'm awake I still tell myself this. When I have these realizations I do something to try to test my reality such as throwing a coin up into the air. If it stays up there I know I'm dreaming.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were taking a nap before going out to an event. I woke up and noticed we had slept too long and I was upset. I was fully awake and she also woke up when she felt me stirring. It was 6:30pm and we both smelled the scent of roast pork about the house that my boyfriend was cooking for about 4 hours for dinner. I layed back on the bed feeling extremely groggy still from oversleeping and felt myself drifting off again. Because I drifted off knowing I was about to sleep I remained conscious and lucid. I then told myself that I was dreaming and that I'm going to travel back in time to earlier in the day so that we can have more time to get ready.

When I woke up it was bright out and it was 2pm! She was already up and about and there was no pork cooking. My boyfriend told me he had no intentions of making it being that we were leaving. I was excited yet confused as to what actually happened. I was certain that I did fully wake up the first time during the evening and smelled food (I had never smelled food in my dreams before) and had a conversation with my friend. There is no way of validating this because if time travel is really possible I changed their realties and wiped out their previous one. Real or not, for what it's worth it was the most remarkable experience and successful lucid dream.


I wanted to ask you all about the usage of tarot cards as means of exploring the subconscious: I am not talking about prophesying; I am talking about tarot readings that only refer to the present situation. (Reading about future events will make the subconscious work to accomplish those events rather it likes it or not- so it's stupid). I personally found Osho Zen's tarot deck to be very helpful in deepening the knowledge about my self. Does anyone here use tarot?

I use the Tarot myself. I do not believe it is the work of spirits either, it's all your subconscious at work. They are like mini rituals to see inside yourself. "Casing the mark" makes the reading ten times more successful when reading cards for others. My natural intuition in reading people, along with manipulation used to make me lots of spare money for fun! Have you ever used the Crowley deck? That's the one I have and work best with.

#171850 - 06/23/06 05:29 AM Re: Lucid time travel... [Re: Carkosa]
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I had NO idea dreaming about your teeth falling out was common. I've had recurring dreams of my front bottom teeth coming out pretty much all my life. I assume it's an anxiety dream, or feeling a toothache while asleep. I used to chew tobacco, and I also dream of having mouth cancer. I also smoke quite often in my dreams.

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#171851 - 06/23/06 10:33 PM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: The_Lightning]
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I was wondering, ...

Fascinating thread, thanks for wondering T_L. Dreams are a favorite topic and indulgence of mine as well.

I want to respond more completely when time permits to some of the follow-ups, but on your original questions:

As others have already noted, it'd be unlikely that Satanists in general had 'witch hunt' dreams. While some may feel isolated or persecuted for one reason or another, it's not likely related to being a Satanist. In fact, being a Satanist should free you from those kinds of feelings and situations in most cases.

On Tarot, I used to use quite a few different decks for quite a few different reasons and situations. Lately I have not had cause to consult the cards but the usefulness of Tarot or Runes, like any other magickal tool you employ, is your personal choice based on what works for you. No matter if its self exploration or for use in a ritual, if the cards help reach your desired goals, more power to you. I've always favored decks that have unusual imagery, handmade/one-of-a-kinds or specialized decks that fit the mood of a working or the personality of the person(s).

On a related note - someone more up-to-date can prob confirm this but don’t I recall Magister Lang or another artist affiliated with the CoS working on designing a ‘Satanic Tarot’ deck some years ago?

#171852 - 06/24/06 11:17 AM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: The_Lightning]
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All of my dreams are overly colorful. The color is almost always completely white, with huge massive over shadowing.

For example, get a picture of someone you know with a bad flash (too much flash) then put it in adobe and enhance the shadows and the light. (Like you saw in the cube when the retard walked out)

Sort of like that.

Secondly, I don't have any fluid dreams. It is like reading a comic book very slowly, while the audio tape is up to speed as it should be.

I just had a dream last night, but I don't remember anything except, "Hey, come back." right before I woke up.

Most of my dreams, if not all, are like this, "Painting style" imagery. Everything is stand still like a child cartoon. For example, the old time Velvatine Rabbit.

The images seem to flip faster or slower based on what emotional state I was in when I went to sleep, or what emotional state I end up with while in the dream.

I have never had a problem with controlling any of the dreams. But the tool for me has always been emotional intensity.

My day dreams on the other hand, are very weird.

They take place like a Quentin Tarantino movie. Hazy look, like a day dream would look in a cartoon.

One example of this is when we were on the road. I "spaced out" due to the pure exaustion and boredom of driving for so long, and ended up day dreaming of a cross roads, in the desert (where we were) and in front of us to the left, was a gas station.
About 2 hours after this day dream, we came to that exact cross roads, with the gas station, and street sign matched exactly what I day dreamed.

All of my day dreams aren't normally that "accurate" or coincidental? but they are always damn weird. I try not to think about most of them.
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#171853 - 06/25/06 04:53 AM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: MasterMagick]
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While some may feel isolated or persecuted for one reason or another, it's not likely related to being a Satanist.

This is intresting… I was quite sure that being a strong-willed, intelligent, critical, elitist individual DOES make one isolated/persecuted at least to some degree.


In fact, being a Satanist should free you from those kinds of feelings and situations in most cases.

Now it defiantly does- but in my early childhood I didn't know I could use magic as vengeance, so the feeling of being helpless against a very vicious "herd" was strong.
Perhaps I didn't take into account the culture factor… at least here the education system is helpless against bullies and protecting yourself isn't very easy.


I've always favored decks that have unusual imagery, handmade/one-of-a-kinds or specialized decks that fit the mood of a working or the personality of the person(s).

I agree- the Osho Zen deck I use has fantastic imagery and some very nice concepts. There is even a card designed as Nietzsche's three "re-births"(camel, lion, and child).


‘Satanic Tarot’ deck

This should be very interesting. Perhaps I'll even design such a thing myself for my own entertainment.
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#258401 - 07/20/07 11:37 PM Coast Ouija Special [Re: TattooedKali]
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In the first hour, Edward Cornelius talks about his book, Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board. Next, main guests Jordan Maxwell, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and Bruce Goldberg discuss the history and implications of the Ouija Board, followed by George's planned Ouija Board experiment.

#258404 - 07/20/07 11:55 PM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: The_Lightning]
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>> (Reading about future events will make the subconscious work to accomplish those events rather it likes it or not- so it's stupid).<<

It's not really stupid, Miss Lightning.

Awareness of this brings desired results if one knows how to use it.

Afer all, what are you attempting to do in ritual other than bringing about desired results?

That is why some people are "lucky" and some constantly fall off their bicycle.

May I recommend The Holographic Universe: The Bridge Between Matter & The Mind. by Michael Talbot.

I am not saying that anyone is completely free of bad luck or experiencing adverse situations. But knowing how to use certain tools can help us to deal with situations more adroitly.

I have used Tarot cards and ouija boards. However, although I have no explanation for it and do not care to - I have found the I-Ching amazingly accurate to events in my life.

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#258435 - 07/21/07 04:28 AM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: Drake_Bamboozle]
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What the…?
How did this thread resurrect?

I've changed my mind about many things since I wrote it…
Because of reading Jung, for one.

I don't know what I meant back then when I said it's stupid, but what I most likely meant to say, is that giving tarot cards a power of their own is merely a projection- the power is within us to change and control future events, giving tarot cards independent abilities is stupid, because often they can harm us with thier "predications".
However, the ability of any "witchcraft" to change one's subconscious to suit one's goals—is indeed a very good and useful one.
I agree on this completely.
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#258461 - 07/21/07 09:19 AM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: Drake_Bamboozle]
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I have found the I-Ching amazingly accurate to events in my life.

Me too. Go figure.
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#258603 - 07/21/07 10:12 PM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: OminousFixation]
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My dreams are indiscernible from reality. Full color, full sound. They are usually about work, school, riding motorcycles, etc. Every so often they may be on the borderline of supernatural or even prophetic.

I usually can't hear gunshots in my dreams though. But when I do hear them, I wake up with a headache. There is probably a physiological connection between the two. And every so often, I have lucid dreams where I can manipulate the laws of physics at will. Make myself jump higher than usual. Run faster. Freeze or slow down time.

Another skill i've been working on is paying attention to words and numbers in my dreams. If I see a math problem in a dream, I try to solve it. It's getting easier and easier. And i'm actually finding myself able to solve math problems (such as calculating sales tax in my head) in dreams that I have difficulty solving in my waking life.

Also, as soon as I wake up, I write down unusual names and phrases I hear in my dreams and I look them up in google to see if they apply to something in particular. Futuristic electronic devices and musical instruments also tend to appear in my dreams, so I also document those when I can.

As for satanic dreams, I can remember having a cluster of dreams where I was walking down a sidewalk or through a building and I see these hands come out of the shadows, beckoning me to come into the darkness. And as I approach them, I can remember feeling this powerful heat as if I was being pulled into "hell" itself. Twice i've had dreams where satan has been characterized. Once as a woman who was taking me on a shopping spree through this gigantic "shopping mall". And once as an actual demon with horns, in a pit of fire, and everything.

If there are any reoccurring themes to my dreams, it is usually me being confused about something, being chased by something, being pressured into completing something, or simply being lost. Which is a pretty accurate reflection of my waking life.

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#258871 - 07/23/07 07:19 AM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: The_Lightning]
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I would like tell of a recurring dream I have had for the whole of my adult life. The details change; but, the basics are the always the same.

I am in a large house. I get the impression, each time, that I own the house.

I begin to explore, because it suddenly seems that I am seeing it for the first time. It is then I find, sometimes in the attic...sometimes in the basement...a door I had not noticed before.

On opening the door, I am surprised, and pleased, to find that there is a large portion of the house I did not know existed. It is generally the same area as the part of the house I was already familiar with.

I always awake in quite the good mood, after this particular dream.

What does this have to do with Satanic dreams? Well, I consider myself a late bloomer. I was what is, for some people, middle age when I found out about Satanism. For me, it really was a hidden door that opened to quite a spacious area. I am particularly fond of the fact that the door was not simply "in the attic"; but, "in the basement", as well. I do not believe I need to explain that particular piece of symbolism. I am curious to see if this dream continues; or, if it will now move on to something else.

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#258940 - 07/23/07 11:34 AM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: Roho_the_Rooster]
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A house represents one's consciousness (obviously?) and I've noticed that dreams with that symbol in them have profound meaning.

In "Man and his symbols" Jung tells about a dream he had about finding new rooms he never knew about in his own house.
I remembered this dream was discussed in the 17 parts of "Wisdom of Dreams" (which I recommend watching for a general, basic, and knowledge of Jung's ideas.)
And I can't believe I just found it in my first guess, but here it is- a dream quite similar to yours in clip 5.
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#259045 - 07/23/07 04:21 PM Re: Dreams, Tarot Cards and more [Re: Roho_the_Rooster]
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I have had a similar dream, also recurring. I'm in a house, although I note there is a lot of dark wood and red velvet, and I know every inch of it, and I get a certain pleasure out of walking through it and stroking curtains and tables. I get excited and wondering as I find a door I've never seen in the back of a closet, and I go down a set of stairs into a basement. I see another door at the back of this room, and there is darkness behind it.

However, my dream is a nightmare, because there is something in the basement, some tall, lean man with blonde hair, and mean eyes, and almost caveman-like sloping forehead and brow ridge. I get terrified as he approaches me, because his hands can do things, and I clamp my arms and legs together and hunch into a ball.

This is the dream that roused my interest in dreams, meanings, lucid dreaming, and such. I try every time to have the dream, and walk past him, but I can't yet.

I don't know who he is, but he is in many of my dreams. It's somewhat frightening.

Anyway... I actually dream of this house, a mall parking lot, a church/palace or red brick, and an empty hospital with fake doors, quite frequently.

I just saw that this wasn't a post started by man_mind... so I'll respond to the original question, a bit.

I have had dreams of being actually burnt at the stake. I don't wake up. Sometimes I scream, and sometimes I try not to, and a few times, more recently, I have escaped by flying away, with a rather attractive and dramatic burst and flow of my cloak.

I've also had dreams of warriors chasing me down the Great Wall of China, except that I reach a cliff and dive into the ocean, and somehow I can breathe water. Then I see Flounder, though, so I don't know if that much matters. I was obsessed with the Little Mermaid as a kid.

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