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#17253 - 12/11/03 10:47 AM "Misdirection" and weird hobbies
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Within the SB and LaVey's other works, one occasionally encounters reference to the "Art of Misdirection." Essentially, this is his reference to habits, appearances, and interests that give their bearer an outwardly benign image--things like a matronly appearance, the ability to make cookies, interest in old songs, etc. These references are partly suggestions for individuals that have a naturally "wholesome" or innocent appearance. But beyond this, he also recommended the cultivation of such qualities, as they promote an aura of respectability alongside the "social outcast" status that Satanism entails to some extent. Arguably, such habits are also the mark of true individualism, in that obsessively "counter-cultural" types display herd conformity in their blanket denunciation of everything that does not appear 'radical' or whatever.

I have seen this phenomenon at work in myself and in other Satanists. In terms of my outward appearance, I try not to look like the stereotype, both because it makes it easier for people I share my religion with to get past the circulating myths, and because I don't look that great as a goth. As for hobbies, interests and habits, I don't actively try to cultivate them, but I find I have developed some that invite odd comments from those that know of my religious orientation--specifically, my rubber duck collection (there's more than ten), my tacky 80's music collection, and my love of Xmas bric-a-brac (mostly Santa Clauses; not Jesus & Co.).

I'm curious what sorts of oddball interests others on the board have developed, once they moved out of their respective Too-Dark-To-Be-Doing-That phases.
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#17254 - 12/11/03 02:08 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]

Some wierd hobbies I have, not wierd to me though, would be my book collection that I like to keep in the strangest places. I actually have part of my book collection in a giant loudspeaker that I used to use for playing in a band. I have to actually unscrew each screw by hand and take the cover off the speaker and take the book out each time I want to just read it. I like it though because it keeps everything neat and in order. Sure it takes more effort, it's just fun though.
Also I have a strange taste for my morning tea, I like to just put a few dashes of nutmeg in it so it tastes just right.
Well, those are my wierd, nutty hobbies.

#17255 - 12/11/03 03:07 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]
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I collect my finger and toe nails. That's not so much of a hobbie, but I think it's fairly odd. I remember reading in my Guiness book about a man that died and when his room was being cleaned out a drawer filled with belly button lint was found. It was the largest collection of belly button lint in the world. Thus it was in the book. I wanted something crazy that someone could find after my death. But now it has become second nature that after every time I clip my finger and toe nails I slip it into the bottle. I've been doing it for about four years, and I have maybe 1/4 of an inch of an Italian Coke bottle filled. It's going to be a long trip.

I also carry around a four inch bolt that I found in front of the main building at my old high school. I put it in my pocket that day, and from then on every time I changed my pants, I never really had a place to put it in my room, so it went back in the pocket. That's been going on for about two years now, and I never go anywhere without my trusty bolt. I've never used it to harm anyone, it's just there. It's kind of my security blanked (sorta like Linus from Peanuts). I even took it with me when I went to the British Virgin Islands last Spring (tucked away tight in my luggage for the flights).
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#17256 - 12/11/03 03:17 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]

I collect skulls, of all types.
It's always amusing to watch the faces of those who have not encountered them before
(My favourites are my rat skulls)

I'm also currently studying, shall we say, to be a Dominatrix.

#17257 - 12/11/03 03:31 PM The "coffee ritual"...

I have a very specific ratio for my coffee...which is not all that odd in the grand scheme of coffee-drinkers. Even the fact that the cup must not be refilled until it is empty for fear of upsetting the precious ratio is not really all that unusual. In fact, the ratio itself is why this little ism of mine became dubbed "the coffee ritual" by those close to me. I specifically require one cream and six sugar packets per cup of coffee...a few waitstaffers have made the mistake of upsetting this balance and have witnessed how puritanical I can be about it. Its not much of an oddity on the least I don't think so...that's just the way I like my coffee.

#17258 - 12/11/03 06:08 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies
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Now THERE is a good hobby! Nothing like picking up on a little B&D to enhance one's sexual repertoire. I picked up a little shibari, which is Japanese rope-bondage. It's quite elegant when executed properly on a suitable model.

I myself enjoy working with leather, and have quite the talent for making all kinds of kinky toys for people that like to inflict pain as the make each other feel good. I guess one could consider that a 'hobby'... I used to make money off of it, until I moved to ultra-conservative Prudeville.

I also enjoy tormenting masochists. I enjoy all kinds of pranks, and the cornier and cheesier the better. They like it too, but they always give the impression of not liking it. So it twist the knife so to speak. It's fun.

I like to people watch too, although at times it makes me nauseous, and in some cases can be dangerous. It is largely a pointless time sink, like my videogames, but people watching is far less satisfying than my videogames. One in a while I get a really stimulating experience people watching, so it's kind of an encouragement to keep doing it.

Oh I also like to shoot old computers full of holes. It's very satisfying. Nothing beats a day at the range plinking old gutted Gateway cases.
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#17259 - 12/11/03 06:47 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]
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I collect model trains, modern (Marklin z) and Lionel Standard Gauge (Prewar, tinplate). The trains cause me to employ the art of misdirection more than help it. Wearing jeans and a Slayer T-shirt, creates a lot of attention at various train stores. It becomes hard to get a serious salesperson, just someone watching me making sure I don't steal something or break anything. It is quite entertaining when they realize I am a potential customer and not just some bum off the street. It even more fun when they realize I know more about them than they do.

I also fly r/c heli's. Once again a rather nerdy hobby. It also throw's people in the area for a spin. The heavy metal guy actually has a brain! It takes a lot of time and effort to assemble, maintain and fly them.

I find mostly both hobbies really screw up the people who know me but have never been to my house before the best. To walk in and there is the big scary guy running these old model trains from the 1920s around the house or sitting at the kitchen table, running these super small ones around it, really messes with there heads.

It takes awhile for me to warm up to people, so I don't talk a lot until I know them rather well, some get the impression that I'm not that bright. I love to see the look in there eyes when they see me working on one of my heli's. Hundreds of little bits and pieces everywhere, a jumbled mess of wires and electronics. Invariably I get asked, "Do you know what your doing," or, "did you put that much together by yourself?" As they say this I can see their eyes looking around franticly for the instructions, that are put away in a box in the corner. Then I can watch their eye's widen again as they realize just how badly they have misjudged me!
When you are going to do a miracle for an ignorant race, you want to get in every detail that will count; you want to make all the properties impressive to the public eye; you want to make matters comfortable for your head guest; then you can turn yourself loose and play your effects for all they are worth. You can't throw to much style into a miracle. It costs trouble, and work, and sometimes money; but it pays in the end.

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#17260 - 12/11/03 08:06 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]
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I collect Scooby Doo memorabilia, Troma movies, and I have an extensive collection of Final Fantasy 8 toys. I have a bit of LoTR memorabilia as well.

I wouldn't say I'm like you in trying to detract attention from people. I don't really care about any negativities people may have about my look, but then I found that with age and little more taste than I had as a teenager, people generally respect me. The world is changing in regards to people having biases based on looks. As a matter of fact, I think the world got over the biases, then we could each live in our own total environment on a daily basis. I think that could be a whole other subject .

So where that leads is to my interests - I get very artistic with everything. Clothing, hair, the decor of my abode. Even my bookshelf is arranged to be colorful and varied in arrangement. However, everything has it's aesthetic, the books are ordered by subject, my hair is attractively burgundy with red highlights, rather than blue. So the general appearance of everything is kind of of interest/obsession to me.

I also have interests in gematria, photography (visual of course), and play/screen writing.

#17261 - 12/11/03 09:01 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]

It's actully funny but I'm that person that holds the door for the little old lady coming into my store, I do not project a "satanic" image at all at work or out in my everyday life until the word "god" comes into play. then of course I politely ask if anyone desires true input about his "great saviour of man" and let them have a heaping helping of diabolic philosophy times ten.

As for hobbies, I collect all kids of shit, old thrash and speed metal on cassette, CD, DVD's, 7" records, Baseball cards, and recently I took up a few new interests, seeing how much music gear I can amass before 2005 and at the rate I'm going I think I'm going to be sinking another $30,000 into my studio before long. Seeing how many music projects I can undertake before I mentally snap, I like to know my limitations and right now there is never enough on my plate cause I'm never too busy to take on another musical task.

#17262 - 12/11/03 09:17 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies
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I'm curious about what do you think "projecting a satanic image" means.
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#17263 - 12/11/03 09:27 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]

I suppose my oddball collections are of foo dogs, eggs, and plastic turtles. I also have a small collection of sculptures of Mary that were given to me by the artist; they are quite serene and beatuiful pieces of work. I also like to collect snake and dragon figures as well. I have recently developed a keen interest in shackles and irons from the medieval times, so my collection on that has just begun.

#17264 - 12/12/03 10:14 AM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies
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>>But beyond this, he also recommended the cultivation of
>>such qualities, as they promote an aura of respectability
>>alongside the "social outcast" status that Satanism entails
>>to some extent. [Ginger]

I've found that one sure sign of social respectability is getting respect from middle-aged or eldery people, despite being under 30, long-haired, and unmarried. Most recently I've been achieving this with my knowledge and appreciation for comedy of past decades. I've talked with a few senior citizens whose eyes light up when I, a man under 30 who's hardly clean-cut, mention names like Jack Benny, the Marx Brothers, Amos & Andy, Milton Bearle, Red Skelton, and Henny Youngman. I'll hear them say how much they love such "clean" comedy, and express their disgust towards such "dirty" stand-up comedians of today.

Still, I don't know who's more shocked: the old people when they I find out that I additionally love acts like Sam Kinison and George Carlin, or the young people when they find out that I own two Marx Brothers movies. One group insists that comedy isn't funny if it has swearing, the other group insists that comedy demands swearing or shock humor. Oh well.

>I collect skulls, of all types. [...] I'm also currently studying,
>shall we say, to be a Dominatrix. [Ms_Ava_Jinx]

In other words, you don't have the traits that Ginger was asking about?
Reverend Bill M. Carnal Comedy Clips, Netherworld Novelty Numbers,
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#17265 - 12/12/03 11:05 AM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies

I collect skulls as well (i have one and a half human skulls - the rest are wolf, goat, steer, deer, horse, rat and ram). i collect old punk vinyl (Black Flag, X, Misfits), and i also collect artwork (from Coop, Kozik, Clive Barker, Jason Beam, and our very own CoffinRust). I have many originals framed about my home, and am always saving for more.

Ms. Ava - i was a professional Dominatrix in my later twenties up until a few years ago (now i tattoo , i pretty much make the same money doing this, and finally am putting my artistic ability to use). You, my dear, will make a fabulous Dominatrix (imho).


#17266 - 12/12/03 11:29 AM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]
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I collect (more like horde) all sorts of things..

Music.. anything of quality from Robert Johnson to The Damned. I love vinyl (7" and shaped especially).

Movies.. anything from twisted as all hell Japanese slasher fun to Christian Scare propoganda to kids shows from around the world, all with an odd slant, a'course.

Books.. older children's books to first editions of LaVey's writings (I recently acquired an immaculate paperback copy of The Compleat Witch for about $30.. *pats self on back*)

Toys.. be they for sexual fun or old Munsters squeak toys that were meant for one's pet dog back in the 60's.

Older Advertisements.. My current favorite is an old magazine ad of Vincent Price for Tilex..

Coffins, antique embalming tools, bones, carcass art, sideshow memorabilia, Day of the Dead, classic horror, Shag, nuns, rosaries, serial killer stuffs, recipes, 50's era domestic guides and beauty how-to's, antique silver serving ware, quality nudie cutie stuffs, vintage alcohol prints, Kewpie dolls..

A few pitch-ers..

#17267 - 12/12/03 01:11 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]
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Besides the ordinary CD, movie and book collections I have a blade collection.

K-bar, Smith & Wesson, and Buck are a few of the brand names I usually go for (Especially Buck, they have a factory in San Diego county. If I break mine they will replace it for free and they do good professional sharpening too). I have a couple of foldable blades (the ones you flip to lock in place), some nice two sided cutting blades, some combat knives, throwing knives (I'm pretty good at using them), and my favorite piece, my Katana. I had some butterfly knives but I lost them in a fire.

I've been wanting a medieval boardsword and a battle-ax to add to my collection. I would love it if they both have been used in actual combat. It would be worth the extra amount of money.

I also have a fetish of collecting panties of old girlfriends. Each girl I have had a sexual relationship with I've asked for a pair of their panties. They usually don't seem to mind. There was one girl that thought I was a complete psycho.

It doesn't matter if they are clean or dirty. Well, not too dirty.

Maybe that is a little weird but it's just something I do and I like.

Oh, I also love astronomy and cosmology.
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