In late April I applied to administration for a change of display name from 'DarkPagan' to 'DarkApollyon', and nothing has, so far, happened.

Firstly, I just wanted to check I'd gone about this correctly - from reading old posts on this subject I understood all I had to do was change the name on the Edit profile part of My Homepage and then submit it, which is what I did. Should I have done something else as well/instead?

Secondly, assuming I went about the proceedure correctly, is it normal for the change to take more than a couple of months to come through?

My apologies for hassling you over this, I just thought it a good time to follow it up - partly as I want to join the Temple of the Vampire message board, and, ideally wish to use the same display name in both places, assuming this would be acceptable, so people who know me in both places can keep up with me easier!

Thanking you for your time!

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