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#176648 - 07/09/06 09:29 PM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: FoX]
TattooedKali Offline

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I'm always the authoritatian one in my relationships, as I tend to be attracted to women 5 or 6 years my junior. I've never spanked any of them, though I have done the CONSENTUAL play-rape thing.

This is vaguely amusing because one of my own biggest fantasies is to be tied up and 'used' by a strong male. My demonic minority don't get no love.
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#176649 - 07/09/06 09:33 PM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: Viking]
Shade Offline
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I think Freud said that the only unnatural sexual behavior was to have none at all. And after that, it's just a question of opportunity and preference. Now its probably more of a reflection on myself, rather than M. Freud, as to why thats the only thing he said that I can remember, wink... -s.

#176650 - 07/09/06 10:03 PM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
MrSips Offline
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It's my experience that men who do not grasp that concept usually don't get near many of the truly primo women.

#176651 - 07/09/06 10:08 PM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: FoX]
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Being a dominant man, I'm almost always game to give a thorough spanking, and I'm in total agreement with Dementagram in saying that I've never met a woman who doesn't enjoy receiving one who wasn't a domme.

#176652 - 07/09/06 10:10 PM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: TattooedKali]
SonOfSaturn Offline

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Actuly it makes alot of sense, I think you are mostlikly "play raping" your demonic self by proxy.
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#176653 - 07/10/06 12:59 AM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: FoX]
Grima Offline

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I'm a bit of a masochist so yeah I like it although it's has to have the right vibes.
It all has to be in the right context and some vanilla people just don't get that and think it's funny to give me a good hard slap on the ass because 'you like that stuff' which just makes me very angry.
Also, being a switch, I prefer both sides of the hand/paddle/flogger/whatever. Whatever floats your boat!

#176654 - 07/10/06 04:43 AM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: FoX]
ElJago Offline

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I have been both the spanker and the spankee and must admit I find it quite enjoyable from both sides.
The feeling of submission from surrendering to a spanking and the sense of dominance from administering a spanking is quite liberating.
I have mainly been dominant in my relationships with women and I have to agree the majority of them enjoyed being spanked, tied up or generally dominated.
In my past encounters with men I have always been the passive one, and enjoyed being spanked, humiliated etc I found that to be quite cathartic because I naturally quite a domineering person.
I have also had a master/slave relationship with an older guy that I found very interesting, although we grew bored with each other eventually.

Consenting adults should experiment sexually, a little spank on the bum never hurt anybody !
Man: An animal so lost in rapturous comtemplation of what he thinks he is as to overlook what he indubitably ought to be - Ambrose Bierce - The Devil's Dictionary.

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#176655 - 07/10/06 04:50 AM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: Bruja]
Drake_Bamboozle Offline
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>> Don't be cheeky, darling.. of course you do <<

Yes. But that's only if you are really naughty.
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#176656 - 07/10/06 09:35 AM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: Quaark]
LightSnake Offline

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The tragicomic thing is men who don't figure out that the very "bad" way they guiltily fantasize about treating women, but don't, because it's "wrong", is exactly what women guiltily want... but will never ask for.

To compare and contrast all this with LightSnake's personal homosexual heterocosm--

Picture a group of greatly gruff guys who look like they got lost on their way to some sort viking revival convention.

Most will be taller than 5'5". I will have a funny urge to have them treat me in a Very 'Bad' Way.

Others are shorter than 5'5". I will have an even stronger urge to treat them in a Very 'Bad' Way.

In the meanwhile, on any day, I can be amused to hear people insisting that the urge to treat others 'Very Badly' must be caused by one sex trying to oppress the opposite one.

There is nought so queer as folk.


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#176657 - 07/10/06 10:52 AM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: FoX]
Catalyst Offline

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I have never been much for spanking, but I do however seem to enjoy a biter, giving or recieveing!
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#176658 - 07/10/06 11:55 AM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: FoX]
PhilipCult Offline

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now I still am confused why some women like spanking, I mean its just slapping on the bottom and physical pain! Now I never get spanked before (ofcourse I did when I was little) but would spanking in the ass really stimulate your sexualality, or does it just depend on whos spanking you?
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#176659 - 07/10/06 12:23 PM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: PhilipCult]
tovasshi Offline

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That is like asking "why are some turned on by shoes?" or "Why do some like one kind of body over another?" No one really knows "why?" All we know is it IS that way. Everyone has their own resons.

#176660 - 07/10/06 12:36 PM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: FoX]
Tixie Offline

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I like a little spanking now and then. I like it by hand and not too hard:)
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#176661 - 07/10/06 01:52 PM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: FoX]
dragondancer Offline

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Ah, great topic, and surprisingly in the public domain.

I am also surprised at the number of people who responded positively to it. Now, for my two or three cents.

I get into all aspects of the lifestyle of inflicting and be inflicted upon. I agree with all those who said it is very common among women to like to be spanked to some degree or another(and by the way, spanking done the right way does not have to be painful, it can be very sensual without pain.) I also agree with those who said there is nothing more seductive than a truly dominant man, and nothing harder to find. Lots of forced dominance, and worse yet, domineering men(there is a big difference) but the truly dominant are well.....elite....

I happen to like leather, I like the smell of it, the feel of it, and the way it looks whether it is on a man or in that man's hand. There are advantages, however, to hand spanking. The fact that you and your partner can feel the skin to skin contact. The inflictor knows exactly how hard he is hitting, and feels the sting to his own hand. (unless he has on leather gloves....purrrrr)

Why do some people feel spanking is erotic? For as many reasons as there are people who feel spanking is erotic. Myself? I really enjoy the feel of a warm bottom. The heat that is generated to the area when it is built up is extremely erotic, whether I am giving it or getting it. Think heat as in get the idea.

I go a little further than just spanking for the most part, being a sexual masochist at heart. I also enjoy the whole process, scene, ambiance, heady power exchange and for sure the right partner.

I am of the opinion that everybody has a dark sexual side, some let go and really explore and enjoy it. Those are the ones who have passion in their lives. The ones who will jump in and really experience what life has to offer, sexually or otherwise. Why hide your true sexual self behind what society thinks is appropriate for you? I think everyone should at least explore that dark side, and if it freaks you out, then go back to hohum sex. But that's just the opinion of a kinky sex kitten.

Hail Satan! Hail Truly Dominant Men!
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#176662 - 07/10/06 03:21 PM Re: Erotic Spanking [Re: tovasshi]
Bill_M Offline
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>>No one really knows "why?" All we know is it
>>IS that way. Everyone has their own resons.

I've always said that if we really had a logical explanation for somebody's fetish, then it wouldn't really be a fetish.
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