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#177127 - 07/11/06 08:19 AM Duck-billed platitudes
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There's no substitute for hard work
If you are what others expect of you, it matters not how much or how little you do.

Probably one of my favorites (to be found in the devil's notebook)
I feel strongly connected to this saying, before i had my own business and when i was younger i was a thug kinda kid, had done a million different jobs and being a school drop-out, now and then you do something remarkable and then no-one is noticing and doesn't care about it. By getting in touch with one-self and to self improve and to grow older, you take responsability, power and strength in both hands, work like a horse and make sure it pays off and are suprising friend and foe at the same time, and it feels damn great. I did this of course for MY own benefit, but i see alot of the laughing faces from the past failing in their daily life now, this is my silent revenge.
I love to read the devil's notebook, coz it has tons of wisdom and is funny at the same time.

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#177128 - 07/11/06 09:22 AM Re: Duck-billed platitudes [Re: x9x]
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Yes, it is also one of my favorites. And it seems to be a good read for those being introduced to LaVey's works for its humor and straight forwardness. Who needs the Holy Bible "Book of Psalms" when we have "The Devil's Notebook"??!!!


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