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#178407 - 07/16/06 09:32 AM Questions on active membership application
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My question is on the video submission portion of the Active Membership Application. I've not yet submitted for my membership, but do plan to in the very near future. I would desire to seek Active Membership, as I've found this organization to be one I plan to support completely.

My question is regarding the emphasis/importance of this portion of the application. And, if such source materials are not available, are there alternatives? As it states this reference should be of one in a public speaking situation, could one submit a personal video interview or introduction?

Thanks for your help!

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#178408 - 07/16/06 03:38 PM Re: Questions on active membership application [Re: ThaDeej]
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While we require a recent photograph as part of your application for Active Membership, we do not require a video clip.

We suggest that those who wish to be considered as future media representatives, include a video clip. Obviously, it would be best if this clip included the applicant speaking about Satanism at some level, as opposed to skateboarding or playing the tuba. Not that there's anything wrong with the tuba.
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