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#180683 - 07/28/06 10:13 PM Prometheanism and Satanism
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What is the stance of the Church of Satan on Prometheanism? Both philosophies seem similar. What are the fundamental differences? Can one be both an active member of the Promethean movement and a Satanist?

#180684 - 07/29/06 07:45 PM Re: Prometheanism and Satanism [Re: ModernTantalus]
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I would ask you to study much more about Satanism and the differences will then become stark to you.

Please remember that Satanism deals with human nature and reality as it is, not as it "should " be.

#180685 - 07/29/06 11:58 PM Re: Prometheanism and Satanism [Re: Nemo]
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Thank you magister. On further investigation I realized that Prometheanism was based on making a world as it should be rather than living in the world as it is. Those who live in a "should world" will always be disappointed and depressed because the world falls short of their expectations. Those who live in the world as it is see the areas in which they can reasonably affect change and find confidence and a strengthened ego in making the world a better place in some small way. Some on these forums will question the individual benefits of making the world a better place, but as I just said, the benefits are increased confidence and a strengthened ego. I've decided that Prometheanism holds ideals which are impractical and unattainable, and hence I still firmly fall into the realm of Satanism. This tends to occur when people truely bother with introspection. I will say this... the Promethean movement does hold some interesting ideas which are not contrary to Satanic thought and which could be implemented on a practical level, particularly in the area of free market capitalism. Their idea of the abolision of government is preposterous. The herd needs a sheperd to tell it how to act and think and someone has to fix the pot holes in the roads, educate our children (even if they're educated poorly), and provide for national security. Hail Satan, hail our troops who keep us safe, and hail those with the wisdom to dicriminate between idealistic nonsence and practical insights.



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