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#182323 - 08/08/06 01:43 PM Will this organization reform itself for the intelligent?
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I think LaVey has created an interesting synthesis of philosophies and using Satan as a unifying symbols is pretty cool in today's ignorant religious climate. However, a couple of things are going to always turn away intelligent people. Firstly, no matter how many gullible people he got to follow him, Crowley was a stupid junkie with no magic(k)al powers. That "Greater Magic" and such is referred to in your texts, and is directly drawn from Crowley's works, will always preclude the involvement with anyone with any intelligence who reads such nonsense. If you believe there is any validity to such "magic" I dare you to contact CSICOP (google it) that will grant you a lot of money if you prove such validity. Second, why is there so much needlessly weird language in your mission statement material? "If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy." Why the fuck did LaVey say "lair?" Just say "place of living!" Anyone having read Machiavelli will not be stricken with suprise or impressed at your self-centered worldview enough to ignore the fact that you seem to imply you live in a cave or scurry under manhole covers when the dawn light breaks onto a cross outside a church. "Don't harm little children." as a main tenet of your endeavors? How fucking stoned was he?

It seems to me the purported point of this organization is to bind together intelligent and powerful people who reject the abundant stupidity in the status quo. You could be the Skulls for cool people, a legitimate and real manistfestation of The Illuminati. However, from reading some of the material, I get the impression that much of it is now self-gratifying mysticism derived from stupid and unproductive sensationalism ("What do you MEAN you're Christian and think Satanists eat babies? You're soooo ignorant! Check out my tatoos! That's right! Be scared! I'm so smug! In my hardcore band!"). I am sad that there is so much potential in such an organization given some of LaVey's original material and how cool it would be to organize with a cool related philosophical doctrine, yet so much asinine material is associated with this organization. There are so many smart individuals that I know would get involved if such ridiculousness was dissolved into history and intelligent eloquence became the vanguard of this organization.

Have you plans for reforming this dire state of affairs? Or will you simply protest that this situation even exists? Worst case scenario is that I just worked on my short-essay skills.

#182324 - 08/08/06 01:58 PM Re: Will this organization reform itself for the intelligent? [Re: xris]
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I think we should keep everything you don't like so you will go away.
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#182325 - 08/08/06 02:47 PM Re: Will this organization reform itself for the intelligent? [Re: xris]
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If you actually thought this would accomplish anything more than wasting ten seconds of my time as I ban you, you're in no position to speak for the intelligent.
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#182326 - 08/08/06 04:08 PM What was your question again? [Re: xris]
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All I read was an ignorant rant.

#182327 - 08/08/06 10:38 PM Re: Will this organization reform itself for the intelligent? [Re: Svengali]
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And to think that this organization has existed for 40 years, thriving, producing, and continuing to challenge the thoughts of contemporary society, but it took you and your ignorant ramblings to show us the error of our ways. Thank you, sir, for your asinine perspective.

Vomitous retard. Go drive into a bridge abutment.
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