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#18515 - 12/29/03 10:29 AM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]
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Hail Bumbly! I hope you had a great day, and lots of yummy cake!

Best regards...

#18516 - 12/29/03 12:17 PM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]
Bumbly3 Offline
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A hearty thank you to everyone who has wished me well on my special day.
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#18517 - 12/29/03 03:54 PM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]
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Happy birthday, Bumbly3!
"There is less time than the space that confines it. Make it count." -- Me

#18518 - 12/29/03 05:51 PM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]
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May your future be that much more successful.

Happy Birthday!
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#18519 - 12/29/03 06:37 PM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]

Darkest Greetings Bumbly3!
Congrads on your accomplishments over the past year!
May the big 50 be as fulfilling!

#18520 - 12/29/03 08:45 PM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]
BurningJayde Offline

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Many Hails to you, Bumbly! It is no easy feat to lose weight, and you've already shed 18 pounds. Congratulations.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

#18521 - 12/29/03 09:15 PM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]
Black_Knight Offline
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Happy Birthday to you Bumbly, and congratulations on a wonderful year!

To many more!
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#18523 - 12/30/03 03:40 AM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]
Bastard_Child Offline
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Have a happy B-day! Here is to many more!
Exanimo ab hostilis.

#18524 - 12/30/03 08:07 AM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]
mastiva Offline
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Happy Birthday! This past year has been a damn good one, I must agree.

#18525 - 12/31/03 07:53 AM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]
RobertE Offline

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Happy Birthday Bumbly, and many more even happier years for you.
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#18526 - 01/09/04 12:00 AM Re: 49 [Re: Bumbly3]
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This is late, but none the less sincere: Happy Birthday! I hope you got out and indulged whatever it is you like to your heart's content (or another organ, if that's more appropriate).

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