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#185037 - 08/25/06 08:48 AM CoS Baphomet Question
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I am going to show some ignorance here but a question left unanswered is even worse.

I am aware that the CoS has registered its own unique Baphomet that is legally its domain. I have read and examined this and I must be missing something. Apart from "Leviathan" being in the outer circle as opposed to others I have seen (and the position of the pictograms), how can one clearly identify the CoS Baphomet from the others out there?

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#185038 - 08/25/06 08:58 AM Re: CoS Baphomet Question [Re: IRI]
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The Hebraic letters are somewhat stylized, and the exact shape of the goat is unique. Given that the goat is the most artistically significant part of the Baphomet, if you must determine whether a Baphomet is the Hell's Kitchen Baphomet (the name given to the official CoS variant) I would compare the goat from a known "official" version directly.

Also note that as far as I'm aware, merely adding something or subtraction something will not guard against copyright violation; removing the Hebraic letters and adding something else yet leaving the design of the goat unaltered is still copyright violation unless you had permission for use.
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#185040 - 08/26/06 08:59 AM Re: CoS Baphomet Question [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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