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#18812 - 01/01/04 04:05 AM Satanists are at WAR? huh?

My Satanist friend, whom I'm thinking less of and less of every day insists that we 'as Satanists' are at war. He left it at that. He did not say with whom, but he was very passionate about it. Do any of you think/feel that in being a Satanist you must be at war with someone/something?

Personally, I am not at war with anyone and I am not suffering any sort of persecution. It may 'bite' that I can't run down the street and shout "I'm a Satanist wooooohooooo" without fear of some sort of persecution.....but I don't put myself in those positions, so there is no 'war' to speak of!! Only an idiot would expect the christianized world to welcome him as a Satanist. I say, if you're being persecuted, then it's your own damn fault for bringing attention to yourself. Don't blame 'the enemy' for not welcoming you- blame yourself for creating an enemy.

I hope to see a variety of opinions, please let me know what you think.

#18813 - 01/01/04 04:13 AM Re: Satanists are at WAR? huh?
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I think there is a cultural war that is being fought sometimes on the terms of politics and most often fought by people remaining strong and vigilent in their control over themselves (or on the other side, promoting someone else's control over them).

This friend may have some delusion that we should walk the city streets fighting Christian fundamentalists like some sort of religious soldier.

Politically? I'd say it's more like a battle than an all out war where we should fear marching cross bareing death squadrons sometime soon.

Thats my view.

Welcome to the board by the way. Is the site linked in your profile your own?
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#18814 - 01/01/04 04:19 AM Re: Satanists are at WAR? huh?
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I am half tempted to go on a mini-rant about how strife is the mother of progress, but it seems off-topic.

I don't get where he's coming from. I've been very open on certain occasions about being a Satanist, and contrary to my expectations, it was treated with respect. Maybe it just needed to be tried? Or maybe the difference is that I behave like a respectable adult instead of a bratty teenager. Either way, nobody in any government agency has ever batted an eye when I listed religious affiliation as Satanist, despite the "Christian theocracy" so many fear President Bush in creating. Go figure.

There is no war between Satanists and "the rest of the world". You are not a group. Satanists need to learn their job is to get shit done, not to complain about the effort it takes to do so. Tell your friend that if he runs down my street shouting, whether its "I'm a Satanist" or "The sky is falling", I'm likely to call him in for a public disturbance. Its just my way of ensuring stupidity can be painful.
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#18815 - 01/01/04 06:53 AM I'm at WAR!
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I'm at war all the time. My own personal war, where I'm the warrior (an army of one indeed ) and I fight battles every day.

Battles for survival, Darwinist battles you could call them. Battles for the acquisition or wealth and knowledge. Battles to perfect myself, to climb just another step in the ladder that could put another inch of distance between me and the stench of the mediocre mass below.

Are "The Satanists" at war? NO

Because there is not "The Satanists" in the first place, or at least in the sense that there is not a "brotherhood" a "community" or even a "common goal" that unite us, beyond the point we all chare the same philosophy and religion.

Every Satanist is an individual and he fights his own battle, even in the case a group of them join forces to obtain something.

A common misconception between the pseudo-Satanist (which happen to be attracted to message boards like this in great quantities) is that Satanism is anti-Christianity, or some kind of "Unholy War" against the Christian (or other religions) Those are the common responsible those "Hey, look what the Christians are saying now, lets all run there and boo" threads we read here some times.

Curiously, those who spend a lot of their time and energy "fighting wars" have little or nothing accomplished in the field of personal achievements. Check ou that, and you will discover is your friend is a real Satanist or just another pretender.

Also, you will never hear a real Satanist whine about how he is oppressed or victimized, because he knows there is no such thing.

There is also the case of real Satanists, who still in that first face of purging years of Christian "education" out of their systems, and tend to be jumpy about Christianity.

But basically a Satanist lives his own life and has better things to do that "trying to prove the Christians wrong" or "abolish Christianity".
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#18816 - 01/01/04 07:05 AM Re: Satanists are at WAR? huh?
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Sounds to me like he's thinking of Jihad.

Wrong religion.

#18817 - 01/01/04 08:41 AM Re: Satanists are at WAR? huh?
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I wouldn't say I'm at war with any group or religion as a whole. Certain individuals and their supporters with archaic ideals that want to govern aspects of life that I feel should be a matter of personal choice, sure I'll campaign against them. There are aspects of my lifestyle (not to mention my religion) that are not very popular with the common, and I'm more than happy to grab a microphone and start protesting if my freedom to make those choices is at risk. But those are my battles. I don't expect anyone else (Satanists or not) to jump into them unless they feel the desire to.

Like some others here, I'm fairly open about being a Satanist. I don't get shoes thrown at me or torch-carrying mobs at my doorstep. I can't tell you how many people have stopped to question the source of everything they thought they knew about Satanists (via their pastors and whatnot) after spending time with me.

I'm not saying they accept my religion, but I generally get treated the same way most Christians treat people of any other religion in polite society. If they have anything to say about it, they tend to keep it to themselves in my company. I grant them the same courtesy.

Needless to say, I don't run around like a rabid imbicile in an Ozzy shirt with a dead baby in one hand and a crack pipe in the other, which seems to be what people expect upon hearing the word "Satanist".

At the same time, when I do get the ocassional snide comment or disapproving look, I don't feel persecuted. These reactions have always come from people I wouldn't want to rub elbows with in the first place.
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#18818 - 01/01/04 10:24 AM Re: Satanists are at WAR? huh? [Re: Shiva]
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At the same time, when I do get the occasional snide comment or disapproving look, I don't feel persecuted. These reactions have always come from people I wouldn't want to rub elbows with in the first place.
I also think the same. I wear the baphomet even if in general I say it is only a lucky charm.
Snide comment or disapproving look have the great effect of identifying the stupid, and this is the reason I wear the baphomet.

Hail Satan!
smile smile

#18819 - 01/01/04 11:11 AM He wishes.
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My Satanist friend, whom I'm thinking less of and less of every day insists that we 'as Satanists' are at war. He left it at that. He did not say with whom, but he was very passionate about it.

Satanists, as a whole, are not at war in the sense that we must be constantly seeking ways to one-up the spiritualists. Nor do I think such a thing is a requirement to be labeled a Satanist. There is a big difference between questioning, and flat-out attacking all dissenting opinions. "Question all things" means to take nothing for granted, nothing at face value, and to evaluate and consider something before making any conclusions. It does not mean to disagree simply for the sake of disagreeing and making an ass out of yourself. Playing the devil's advocate is sometimes fun, even when you wind up arguing the exact opposite of what you truly feel, but it should not become ones reason d'etre.

Sorry. I got off topic a tad. Back to your friend, it seems to me he has fallen into the common trap of judging the validity of one's own beliefs from their acceptance by others.

I see it as one of the fundamental drives behind those who actively attempt conversion. In such a way, they validate their own feelings. They see a difference in opinion as a direct attack on their own convictions.


Don't blame 'the enemy' for not welcoming you- blame yourself for creating an enemy.

Exactly. Why go screwing up your comfort by creating an issue where none exists? Going around proudly declaring yourself a Satanist, all the while giving everyone the stink-eye to dare and confront you, has no other motive than to bulk-up a fragile identity.

It seems to me that your friend needs to focus less on using Satanism as an identifier, and give more attention as to how his actions define himself.

But, from what I gather in your post, I'm preaching to the choir. Welcome to the board!
Hail Satan!


Test Everything. Believe Nothing.

#18820 - 01/01/04 11:40 AM Re: Satanists are at WAR? huh?
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Ask your "friend" this; "What's this "we" you keep referring to?"

"We" should rarely be used in the same sentence as "Satanists". There is not a Satanic "community", but a group of productive individuals linked together by an organisation called The Church of Satan. There is no room for martyrs or idiots within the Church of Satan. Your aquaintance is in the fast lane for counterproductive pride and stupidity. I'd distance myself.


Do any of you think/feel that in being a Satanist you must be at war with someone/something?

I'm a chronic misanthrope, so I have a perpetual disgust with people in general. But I feel no need to start a pseudo-Satanic Christian-copycat Crusade against the predominant religious establishment in the world. I feel a responsibility to stick with Pentagonal Revisionism and keep religion from influencing secular government, but I'm not going to cut my own throat by starting a war that will eliminate white-light religions from the face of the earth. As far as I am concerned, it has it's place.

After all, who will wash my car, and deliver my pizza piping hot in 30 minutes or less, if there are no talentless Christians about to do it? They are useful for mundane tasks I'd rather not perform myself, and their religious structure keeps them stupid and sedated. Just what they want and deserve.
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#18821 - 01/01/04 01:55 PM Re: Satanists are at WAR? huh? [Re: Hagen von Tronje]

LeviathanXIII said :[q]Tell your friend that if he runs down my street shouting, whether its "I'm a Satanist" ...edited..., I'm likely to call him in for a public disturbance. Its just my way of ensuring stupidity can be painful.[/q]

Remind me to never walk down your street.

As far as if we are at war or not, who is this "we"?? I like to think form time to time "we" or "us Satanists", but there's no such thing other than what other posters have said: Satanists aligned together with the same philosophy.

Usually I'll say "we" when talking to the herd (if one stops and asks me about my Baphomet) just to simplify things so the conversation can at least be followed on a simple level. It's either that or hear them tell me off and go "pray" for me when they don't get it. At least this way if they're being genuine, it stops and makes them think when they walk away.


#18822 - 01/01/04 02:20 PM Re: I'm at WAR! [Re: Old_Pig]
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"Hey, look what the Christians are saying now, lets all run there and boo"

Hahaha , I hadnt really looked at it like that before... but now that you mention it that is really all it comes down to.

#18823 - 01/01/04 04:46 PM Excellent post.
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I would suggest that Satanists are those who have already won the war and are now enjoying the spoils thereof.

The war was won when the Satanist realized that the mores of the culture were upside down and chose then to properly invert them. (Please note the use of the word properly).

Others may choose to declare war against the Satanist but those who do are not themselves capable of winning.

To challenge the full force of reality as it is, is to already be defeated.

Excellent post.

Thank you.

#18824 - 01/01/04 06:41 PM Re: Satanists are at WAR? huh?

OK, well first things first I am Glanecia's friend that she has posted about... I didnt ever point out it was Satanists at war, I was stating that there have been battles (so to speak) concerning the seperation of church and state, I unfortunatly had forgotten to state that fact. I was a little heated about some issues we had had in the past concerning a group we were involved in. Anyways about the "Satanists at WAR" no it wasnt about Satanists it was solely about the seperation of Church and State- and yes as a collective Satanists and other religious and philiosphical minds have indeed been the victors on many fronts, but I feel the job is not yet done. I dont care for the destruction of the Christian religions, in fact I think they should keep that which they believe in.

So what I am trying to say here is... Satanists may not be at war, on any level but we still have far to go when it comes to the seperation of Church and State. I appoligise for any missunderstanding.


#18825 - 01/02/04 04:11 PM Re: Satanists are at WAR? huh?

War? It may be a convolution of personal experiences for him, I have seen no evidence of
war! It may be that he is easily irascible by simple things.
A Satanists deductive reasoning would supercede such matters unless they see cause
and in doing so would have an assured victory. Brandishing intellect over aggression is a victory
With the expanse of elite individuals here covering the globe, I'm sure you will find
your answer!
Superlative post Glanecia, always a pleasure to see you!

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#18826 - 01/02/04 10:08 PM Re: Satanists are at WAR? huh?
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In my opinion, if Satanist are at any kind of war at all, it's with each other. I'm talking about one "Satanic" organization against another. There isn't really one organization that has a good relationship with the other.

Actually, Satanist in the same organization still have enemies with in it. Which is understandable because we are all so different.

So basically there isn't enough unity for us to be at war with anyone else.
"thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay." --AL. I. 42-3

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