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#18962 - 01/02/04 12:02 AM Satanic privacy
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I am not yet a member of the Church of Satan. There is one thing that keeps me from filling out an application and joining. I'm worried about my privacy.

I'm about to go to basic training for the army and I've signed up for some pretty intense training, and a very aggressive unit. I'm worried about the government looking at my background(this particular unit delves quite deeply) and finding out about my association with the Church of Satan. I love the military, but I also want to get more involved with the satanic community without it making myslef a target.

Is there any way that the army could find out that I have joined the church without me actually telling them? I await a response with great anticipation.

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#18963 - 01/02/04 12:16 AM Re: Satanic privacy [Re: Aslag]
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First answer:

No, the military will not find out about your affiliation unless you tell them. The Church of Satan does not report membership to the FBI or any organization for that matter, and therefore membership would not be apparent in a background screen.

Second Answer: The military can do nothing at all if you are a member of the Church of Satan. I personally filled out government documents listing my affiliation willingly, and not only was there no fuss from officers, but no flak from other applicants who viewed my tattoo. In short, the military in my experience is not as anti-Satanic as some seem to think.

Third Answer: There are military Satanists on this message board, quite a few of them actually. While it is up to them to reveal themselves for contact with you, perhaps you will find useful counseling through them.

Ever forward, and my appreciation for your service as a citizen.
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LeviathanXIII answered that quite thoroughly, but I'd like to add something personal that might sum things up...

My dog-tags say "Satanist".

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I'm glad that two of you have had positive experiences; however, such has not been the case for all of our members in the military. Some have had a difficult time, including disciplinary investigations and searches of their personal effects. One had a case file opened on him just for possessing a Satanic book; he had never declared his affiliation and didn't even have a membership card at the time. So it all depends upon who is running the show in your unit and their personal prejudices and attitudes. Go carefully; be intelligent. Satanism doesn't require martyrs. It's one thing to be the rebellious member of your basketball team; it's quite another to alienate those who have your life in their hands.
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